What celebrities would look like if they moved to Missouri...
Beth forwarded these pics to me; I didn't make them.  But she wanted captions, stat!  Well, here you go...

Her headgear and braces may not have won her many friends back in high school, but now Cammie's smile is purty enough to offset the smell of rodent excrement from all the uncleaned cages in her trailer.

No one gave head quite like Jennifer in accounting.  According to those in the know, she'll make manager one day.

When her internet sweater business turned out to be a bust, it was the local humane society Jessie turned to for comfort.

Marc couldn't give a fuck about all your "double-wide" jokes about Jenni.  Hell, you know what he had decaled on his pick-up's rear window?  "I [heart] my J.Lo Puddin' Pop."

You turds better listen to Johnny's advice that "Fifteen'll git you thirty."  Okay, it was only about eighteen with parole in his case, but he's still bitter and has the stickpin tattoos to prove it.

It was the worst-kept secret in town, but given how Nikki was the last to know, she was the furthest thing from happy when she found out what Tommy'd been up to with that 'lil Mexicunt whore.

Pam settled that sexual harrassment suit for more than she could ever have hoped for thanks to that fancy tv lawyer!

With the recent purchase of the carwash across from the pizzaria, Dave and Vicky pretty much own the whole dang town now.

That's gonna be one hell of a divorce, ya'll.

Sure, Tommy "the cruiser" was required by law to make himself and his past transgressions known to the neighbors on his block, but no one said he couldn't deliver those helpings of bad news with a touch of comedy.

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