My friend Wendy posted a MySpace bulletin saying:
You get to ask me 1 Question (TO MY INBOX) any question, no matter how crazy it is. ANY Question!!  Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE and I promise to answer it.
My response:


Really?  Well, if you're going to give me an inch, I'm going to give you enough of a mixed metaphor to hang yourself.  Here are ten:

1. What color should I paint the spare bedroom?

2. Do you find Bugs Bunny sexier because he cross-dresses or does this fact creep you out a little?

3. What are you and/or I doing/dressing up as next Halloween?

4. Where exactly did Michael Jackson go and who is this freak who replaced him?

5. If you simultaneously won a million dollars and aliens landed and said they would blow up the Earth in two days, what would you do?

6. Did you laugh at the following headline or was it too cruel?:

Theater group aims to help stutterers
...make one-act plays last all n-n-n-n-night
7. A 1.5 kg bicycle tire with a radius of 0.33 m starts from rest and rolls down from the top of a 14.8 m high hill.  What is the translational speed of the tire when it reaches the bottom of the hill?  (Assume the tire is a hoop where I = mr^2.)

8. What's the easiest way to find what size deep socket I need in order to remove my shower faucets and replace the compression washers without buying a complete set?

9. Why do they call it 'cargo' when it goes by ship and 'shipment' when it goes by car?

10. Which is you: Being spanked by a man, being spanked by a woman, spanking a man, or spanking a woman?

Please make certain to answer in complete sentences, to show all intermediate calculations, and to describe all impliments and other props involved.


Copyright 2006 Ale[x]aminer.
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