Dear Mesquite ISD, Part II

This was a letter (well, email via web form on their site) sent to the most backassward school district I know of in Texas about their attempts to ostracize a boy with long hair.  Because apparently this is the biggest threat to learning.

Dear Mesquite ISD,

To Whom It May Concern,

I keep reading about this:
and (Great.  National attention.  Thanks for making us a national laughingstock.)

...and I can only assume that your district is caught in some sort of time vortex that has you collectively trapped in the 1950s.

In the hopes you will no longer handicap your students with outdated cultural mores, let me inform you of what has been happening since the last time you revised your standards:

Please update your curriculum and policies so that your students will be able to function in the outside world when they leave the hermetically sealed bubble of your district.  You're welcome.


BTW, Mesquite ISD can be reached here:
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