Dear Mesquite ISD

This was a letter (well, email via web form on their site) sent to the most backassward school district I know of in Texas about their policy to ban skinny jeans.  Because apparently this is the biggest threat to learning.

Dear Mesquite ISD,

Regarding the dress code changes as reported here:

What an excellent way to make headlines!  Not by achievements in education, not by spearheading progressive reforms.  No, you did it by concentrating on the most trivial, superficial aspects of what your students are wearing.

Acknowledging that you, the administration, are collectively more concerned about what students put on in the morning than how to individualize instruction and teach them in innovative ways, you send the message that they should be paying attention to their classmates' fashion whims.  If that's all it takes, then you are failing at making the curriculum and the instructional methods that deliver it relevant enough for them not to be distracted by, of all things... pants.

Wow.  You've taught us all something by a newsworthily bad example.  Pathetic.

BTW, Mesquite ISD can be reached here:
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