Law & DisOrder

Law & DisOrder

Clearly a lot of thought went into cloning "Law & Order" into this unholy trinity of shows currently on the air.  I wouldn't have cracked the code were it not for this ad that was stuffed into a dvd case I picked up the other day.

If the pictures aren't clear enough for you, then let me spell out what the NBC executives were thinking:

"First, get yourself a black guy.  Just one.  Don't over-do it.  Now stick him on the left.  Yeah, that's where those people like to vote anyway.  Right?

"Okay, now get a chick.  Put her next to the black guy.  It will get the white guys watching because they think he's going to do something to her and that makes them nervous..

"All right, get some more white people.  Make sure you get a bald guy and/or a weirdo.  Maybe mix in an Asian guy just so the Bible Belt doesn't figure out we're cloning.  Got all the items on the diversity scavenger hunt?  Good.  We gots our quotas, boys.  Let's make some mindless entertainment!"

Yeah, originals my ass!

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