Katherine's 35th b-day, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
Quick fetish test: Are you looking at...?:
A) the boots?

B) the legs?

C) a couple somethings else?

Robin places her bid.  For what?  No idea.

Foregoing the usual rabbit routine, AleC bucked convention and pulled an inflatable primate from his hat...

...and Renee proved she could spank a monkey better than most teenage boys.

Even Crosby, Stills, and Nash fans would be amazed at the spontaneous three-part harmony the girls pulled off here for absolutely no reason.

Eventually I'll YouTube AleC's explanation of how to right a breached calf.

Points were deducted for Nancy wearing entirely too much else with the bunny ears.

In a curious reimagining of The Emperor's New Clothes, Renee pretended to be a fully-clothed streaker.

With AleC playing Randy, Kat playing Paula, and Shawn portraying a much mellower Simon, it was inevitable that Brad Pitt would reenact Bo Bice's appearance on American Idol.

"Yeah, he may be short, but he's got it where it counts and he's a total animal in bed, sistah!"

Renee won the Special Olympics award.  In other words, she made it to the finish line.

"You used to date Alex?  I can barely stand that guy," said my partner.

It's her index finger, actually.

Understudies for the Spice Girls.

This is as close as I get to picking up other guys' wives.

Just then on Katherine's birthday of all days, it finally hit her what Brad meant by "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."

The nervous look on Dani's face = we were right next door to a sushi restaurant, and that usually makes me go into a lusty rage like Spock during mating season on the old show.

Katherine stays she wasn't star-struck, but by the end of the night 90% of the pictures she took were of Brad Pitt.

"As soon as I get it airbrushed, I'm going to lay more than shag carpeting in here."

"That's it.  No more rabbits."

"No you can't have a ride," said Renee.  "Those boots were made for walkin'."

I can't even begin to come up with a caption that explains the look on Sabrina's face.

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