Katherine's 35th b-day, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Headgear is everything.  Note that Katherine picked up many gay men in college.  Sabrina picks up UHF.

Real Vikings are confident enough in their alcoholism to drink mead from tiny party cups.

The pose says, "I'm equally comfortable on either side of the camera."

Try as he might, Bryan will never be able to explain to the Fashion Police how he and Renee managed to end up in hats that clashed so badly with their colors.

Eat up kids, or you'll never grow horns as grand as your dad's.

Forget Polynesian, for all her years of service, Chick-fil-A owes Katherine a special Canadian sauce in her honor.

AleC's thought balloon drifted away.

Second-pinkest photo I've ever taken.

With the arrival of Brad Pitt, AleC laid out the plan for what could only be described as the worst idea for an Ocean's Integer sequel ever.

Katherine's evil mutant super power: Looking sexy around her kids to mess with guys who have a madonna/whore complex.

The most crunk photo ever taken.

We can pretend that wasn't a 5th of vodka, but the look on his face says otherwise.

Presents (and the past and future).

Having grown up mainly in the Louisiana school system, Katherine can't help but wonder what she's supposed to do with a bunch of thinly sliced pieces of wood glued together in this configuration?

I like to tell folks how Dani got us crabs in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, the story gets less interesting as the details are revealed.

Two musical birthday cards = "Dueling Banjos" for preschoolers.

Dude, that's your mom!

Shawn demonstrated his archery skills by pulling a Gibson kid from his invisible quiver and firing him square into the bullseye.

This is the movie poster to the movie that goes on in Bryan's head about what's going on in Bryan's head.

"Don't you dare make me hold up another finger, mofo!"

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