Katherine's 35th b-day
Okay, since Katherine drove all the way up to be my Best Woman, I owed her a trip down for her birthday.  Granted, I tried this a week earlier when I came down... only to find she was taking a trip to Texas that same weekend.  WTF?  How does this happen.  This time Dani retraced many of the same steps as Erin and I took the week before...

1:15PM: State Capitol Building, Baton Rouge
...literally.  See the steps?

This is the base of the state capitol in Baton Rouge.

A view from the top of it.

All the smoke from the refineries made me want to sneeze much like the way all the money pouring into the campaign coffers of corrupt Louisiana politicians from the oil companies that run the refineries makes me want to sneeze.

Why is it the biggest thrill about going up to high places is getting as far away from familiar objects as possible and then saying, "Look, there's muh car!"?

Dani said they smelled nice, but wouldn't eat them unless they were covered with ranch dressing.

No one can say they built this city on rock and roll.

Ah, nature!

Not merely trick photography, it's a metaphor.  You could fill that building with how many guys she did this to in college.

4:45PM New Orleans: We check into our hotel and shop for hats
In spite of the fact Dani makes this face whenever she's excited, I still try to make her excited.

The humidity is typically so high in New Orleans that it seeps out of the bricks, but Dani still opts for long sleeves.

I haven't bought a cd in almost a decade, but I still miss cd stores and this one in particular.

I always describe New Orleans as "a nice place to visit."  Most folks correctly tack the rest of the expression on for themselves.

7:30 PM : Kat's birthday party
Obi Wan would look upon this scene as a "hive of scum and villainy."  My kind of people.

The sight of a young boy doing the moonwalk is simultaneously hilarious and frightening.  Thanks a lot, Jack-o.

Mom of the Year: "Here have some diabetes."

"No, Katherine," explained Renee.  "My husband is a guest, not a present."

Anachronisms abound when you time travel, so it's commonplace to find camera-wielding Vikings standing next to cyborg fishermen.

The first time I've seen Robin in more than a decade, and she closes her eyes for the shot.

The pinkest picture I've ever taken.  Note the absence of Roger Waters.

Drake waves goodbye as we hand him the final set of balloons to achieve lift-off.

"...and it isn't his name, but I call him Brad Pitt."

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