Ale[x]'s guide to being Ale[x]actly like Ale[x]
Honestly, this is kind of a hybrid piece.  Originally, I was going to use the title above and make a list of quirky things about myself.  Then I started to adapt it into a humorous article I was writing for a guy who was putting together a 'zine about "DIY Life," which I interpreted as doing things for yourself to save money.

It needs work and I guess I really just need to decide which direction to go with this material.

A brief excerpt from:
Ale[x]'s guide to being Ale[x]actly like Ale[x]
   (Due in stores in time for Ale[X]mas.)

Household tips

Thrifty ideas

Self improvement
Okay, I'm no Martha Stewart, but that's just a start.  And, yes, I have actually done several of the things on the list, I am almost embarrassed to admit.  Almost.  Now you can have fun going back through and guessing which ones ...and if I'm really serious about the prostate exam.

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