There's too much gravity in our bathroom.

There's too much gravity in our bathroom.

We don't have this problem in other parts of the house.  You think I'm kidding, but if you go in there, I guarantee that something will hit the floor.  Just try and pick something off a shelf.  It's impossible.  Something will fall.

You might think that it's because the shelves are overcrowded with a lot of junk, but Dani says it can't be; that isn't her fault.  I'll try to take her word for it, but I'm having trouble believing her.  I mean, this used to happen at our old place, too.  It has been happening for as long as I've known her, no matter where she lived.

We've got to get a physicist in here to have a look at this.  Maybe there's a black hole hiding in the house somewhere.  It's a weird one.  It sucks in the light because I can't read in most of the rooms without a lamp.  And lots of things have disappeared from around the house as well.  Like receipts.  And my shoes.  Sometimes just one of them and not the other.  Then it spits them out in another part of the house.  Along with a lot of dog hair which then sticks to the ground, probably because of all the gravity.

It's amazing, I tell you.

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