Futon/Kinky sex furniture for sale

A while back I posted an ad for Dani's old futon on Craigslist.  So far it hasn't sold, although we've dealt with a few flakey people who claimed to be interested.  The original ad is so old now that it's at the bottom of the listings, so rewrote it so that it would be sure to get more attention this time around.

I posted a revised version earlier today, but it was removed in just under 45 minutes.  Maybe you can tell me why...?

Futon/Kinky sex furniture for sale

Great for all your bondage and S&M needs.  The arm rests become solid head- and footboards.  Or you can tie him/her to the frame.  Whatever.  Use your imagination.  Then, once you get your partner tied up, use your imagination some more.  It's not they're going anywhere.

When folded out, it's more than big enough for a threesome (road tested!), especially since someone will likely be on top of the other or maybe all three if you do it anything like we do.  The frame itself is really, really solid.  Doesn't creak or squeak no matter how much pressure you put on it, so if you use a gag, you'll never even arouse the neighbor's suspicions (or whatever else you'd otherwise arouse of theirs).

Note: One of the slats was broken, but I repaired it by making a parallel splint with another piece of wood.  It's on the underside and beneath the mattress anyway, so it's out of sight.  Has some scuff/teeth marks as well.  (Don't ask.)

I'm only asking $60 for it because even though this is the best futon you're going to get for the money, there's no mattress included.  (Don't ask.)

Only getting rid of it to make room for the trundle beds for the swingers party.  Hope to find someone who will get as much pleasure/pain out of this futon as we have over the years.  Send me pictures of it being put to good use in its new home/dungeon!

p.s. If you're offended by this ad, your best option is to buy the futon and keep it out of the hands of the dirty, filthy, nasty perverts who would put it to such nefarious uses.

Since it was deleted from the "furniture for sale" category, I reposted the above under "casual encounters," thinking maybe I could target it to the demographic who really could use something like this.  Mostly I just got hit on by folks assuming (i.e., desperately hoping) I was a chick.  Some choice messages (all grammatic/spelling errors theirs):
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