The Top Ten Reasons Why You Need Alex As A Fuck Buddy
Okay, if you've taken the fuck buddy screener but still need more incentive to make your move, consider these...

10. Dione Warwick is psychic.  She knows what she's talking about.  That's what friends are for.

9. You've been with the rest, now need the best.

8. Alex is not your boyfriend.

7. "Johnson" is not in Alex's vocabulary as a euphemism for his penis.

6. Clean, trimmed fingernails.

5. Alex (and his OCD; see above) will help clean the house, but never asks to stay over.

4. [Censored.]

3. Nice guys finish last.  Which means you get to finish.  Repeatedly.

2. Alex never, ever complains your breasts are too small.

...And the Number One Reason Why Tracy Needs Alex As A Fuck Buddy (at least every once in a while):

1. Can be direct but funny.  For example:

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