A Flight Safety Card

I found this flight safety card on a Delta fight.  I don't know where they got these, but they are primarily in Spanish and the cover indicates that are from "Chautauqua Airlines."  Yeah, I feel safe now. 

I especially appreciated how they splashed coffee on the cover to give it that down-home feel.  As it turned out, this was the most entertaining thing I have ever read in-flight.  Which isn't saying much, I suppose.

Mystery Man.
I'm not sure who this mystery man is, but I hope he's on our side. 

While Superman gets by with heat vision, apparently this character can produce smoke, fire, and debris by shooting dashed lines from his eyes.

Meanwhile, Jay Jay the Jetplane sprouts long red tentacles to combat the impending menace.

Attack of the Gnomes?
In this dramatic scene, Darth Homemaker converts Bilbo Baggins to the dark side of air travel.

Compare and Contrast 

Few people realize that Hitler was an artist before his career as the anti-Christ.  Even fewer knew of his contribution here to flight safety literature...

In the top series, the white man carefully opens the door, then helps the nice lady to safety while the cowardly black man runs away.  Who wants to bet he stole her purse?

By contrast, in the bottom series, the savage black man vandalizes the plane, first ripping the window off, then throwing it on rival gang members.  And, again, he splits.  So shameful!

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