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eBay ID card silverfox( 14star)
Member since: Friday, Jul 11, 2003 Location: United States
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Total 3 7 10
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Left by Date Date #
sim.arch( 37star) Nov-13-03 14:39:38 PST 9255165166
Praise : Great to deal with, very friendly, cheers
t-tiger2( 110star) Nov-11-03 01:23:13 PST 2745123537
Complaint: Double-booked a date with me and another guy.  F---
Follow-up: I offered to reschedule and was turned down!!!
Response: What--evah!  Did not return my calls.
thewillings( 118star) Oct-29-03 06:05:37 PST 6549841268
Complaint: Puts out!  A+ A+ A+ A+ A+++
Follow-up: Please ignore; we were both drunk.
Response: Yeah, get her drunk that's all it takes!
vgps( 99star) Oct-28-03 03:43:12 PST 1885225299
Praise : Thank you very much for nice time ! Good date!
poppy( 20star) Oct-23-03 00:02:59 PDT 2745123537
Complaint: Date did not match photo or description!  Cheat!
Follow-up: It was an old picture.
Response: Then why not mention that you gained 50 lbs.since then?!?!
jbunny( 63star) Oct-12-03 05:36:34 PDT 3856712781
Neutral: Had to cancel.  We never could reschedule.  Sorry.
hefner( 930star) Sep-25-03 02:26:32 PDT 6549841268
Praise : Excellent time. Many Thanks.
evice( 682star) Sep-22-03 19:20:36 PDT 9255165166
Complaint: Very rude.  And needs deodorant!!!
Follow-up: Childish!!!
cfleetwood88( 134star) Sep-21-03 16:59:28 PDT 2228151222
Praise : A+++++. Highly Recommend.
hefner( 930star) Sep-08-03 11:24:33 PDT 3336250363
Praise : Great time.  A++++ Would date again.
scooby( 28star) Aug-08-03 05:43:01 PDT 2745123537
Praise : excellent E-dater  Very sweet!
Left by Date Date#
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