Weird Auctions: My greatest hits
I guess "greatest hits" implies a huge percentage profit on a sale like, say, selling your original 1980's Transformers Optimus Prime figure for ten times what you originally paid for it.  I have had that kind of success in the past, but that isn't what I mean here.

This gallery explores the phenomenon of unloading what you thought was junk for way more cash than you could ever have expected.

3 pairs of trashed converse

Winning bid: $86.00

I was about to just throw these out, but I realized that people will buy just about anything on eBay.

Auction description:

You are bidding on three pairs of totally trashed Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops. I've just about worn these out and my mom and girlfriend will kill me if I ever wear these again. Want three pairs real cheap? Don't want to break in shiny new ones? These are for you!

The red pair is still in pretty good condition (sorry!), but the other two pairs are full of holes, some of them pretty big. They're all size 10, but would probably work for larger feet as well, given all they've been through.

35 rock/pop cd cases w/ inserts

Winning bid: $32.51

As my white trash next door neighbors were getting closer to moving, they began to put out increasingly nicer stuff by the curb on trash days.  Most of these were kids toys which went straight to my trunk and were delivered promptly to Goodwill where they would get another round of play.   However, among the usual curbside haul were these cd cases (all of which were empty).  Originally, I intended to use these for cd-roms, but I figured, what the hell... and listed them on eBay.

Auction description:
Conclusion: People will buy anything, anything on eBay.  In fact, here's something a friend sent me to prove that assertion:

Air guitar for sale on eBay  04/13/2004

Winning bid: $9.25

Auction description:

This authentic air guitar was passed down through decades of family and friends.  It has had a truly remarkable past and still to this day can rock like no other. It was created in the mid 70's and then soon mastered on April 28, 1977.  On that date the guitar had the opportunity of a lifetime.  It was in the presence of the four most magical musicians in the world......thats correct,  it was being rocked on ever so hard alongside with Led Zeppelin at the Destroyer II concert in Cleveland, Ohio.  There is an old rumor that tells of Mr. Jimmy Page himself stopping in mid solo during Achilles Last Stand, and letting the heavenly sounds of this air guitar take over...  Be it as it may this guitar is strictly for hard-core fans who know the ways of an air guitar.  Since its days in the 70's it has been in two air bands, and caught the eye of many great bands including Styx (5 times), Uriah Heep (rules!), and Kansas (where it was actually played better than the band's guitars).  So think about the embarrassment you'll have when a radically hellacious guitar solo breaks out, and your without this majestic instrument.  Winning bidder pays no shipping as it can be compacted into a single envelope. (guitar case not included)

But you may or may not have seen the all-time funniest listing ever on eBay. 
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