Scavenger hunt

The following were taken as part of an animal-themed scavenger hunt put on sometime during a school break (maybe Easter?) to celebrate Cathleen's b-day.
"Walking pigeon-toed"

Since we were locked out of the dorm for the holiday, we went over to my friend Stacy's house and used her for stuff to complete the hunt.

I was pretty good at picking up chicks in college. 

The item in this case was "giving a stranger a piggy-back ride."  I totally would have done her, but I have no idea who she was or if she was even legal at the time.

"Having finally rolled snake eyes."

It still blows my mind that a guy who talked this much about country music and cars could be gay.

"Giving a stranger a bear hug."

You can tell he's just thrilled at some pregnant chick squeezing him while he holds up the sign to prove we took the picture that same day.

This is very nearly the same look as Cathleen had on her face at my parents' house the Xmas before.

"Squatting over a litter box."

Ewwwwwww.  Still, Wal-mart was pretty good for checking off items on our list of things we had to take pictures of.

"Sitting on a horse."

Wal-mart again.  Today it's a Big Lots.  Progress, I tell you.

"Fishing in a turtleneck."

Like I said, for the physical objects we needed, we raided my friend Stacy's house.  I still feel bad about this because I didn't think to call her until it dawned on me that we could borrow crap from her place.

Her mom was laid up with a broken ankle at the time.  I'm sure she enjoyed the company, however, even if it came in the form of random college kids asking to borrow her crap for five minutes or the afternoon, depending on whether a photo would suffice.

"Wearing a dog collar."

More of Stacy's stuff.

"Acting like a monkey in a tree."  ...and showing off my happy trail, incidentally.  You're welcome, ladies.

Odds are this was the most exciting scene to have ever occurred in this town.

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