Dorm Days, Part III

Random shit about people and happenings within my dorm.  All the names have been changed.
I shouldn't admit this, but one night I suggested to her we make out, and we did.  I have no idea how we were that bored that I would just ask and she would just go, "Yeah, why not?"

Nothing happened between us before or after that, and I can't even remember her name now.  This isn't exactly the sort of material romance novelists clamber after.

If two girls push their beds together, that doesn't make them gay, does it?  Okay, but you're raising an eyebrow, right?  Yeah, that's what happens whenever I revisit this question myself.

If you looked like this, wouldn't you at least try to have a reasonably pleasant personality?  In her case, nope.

I don't know if my nose fetish originated with Trina, but either way... wow.  This is the sexiest arrangement of cartilage I've ever seen.

One afternoon she walked in on my roommate while he was masturbating (We never locked the doors and a lot of our friends never bothered to knock).  Coincidentally, I think he was fantasizing about her at the time.  This was in spite of the fact he was gay.  That's just how hot she was. 

Some white-trashy friend of James' cousin.  If she ever actually voted, mine would have served to cancel hers out in 100% of the elections.

People actually used to use dust covers on their 386s back then.  They came with the computer back then.  No, seriously.

At the mere mention of garlic or crucifixes, Elena always made a hasty retreat.

This is why Joey and I were known as the Fly Boyz.

One night Joey and Ron, my current and former roommate, respectively, decided to wrestle one another in the lobby between their rooms.  It was my proudest hour.

In reality, I don't know what this battle was over, though it wasn't me.

Thanks to these photos, Ron will never be able to be elected president.  That plus the fact that he has zero people skills.

I don't know who won in the end, but clearly fashion lost and lost badly.

Speaking of fashion (or the lack thereof)... this was taken late one night (hence my contacts are out and my crappy glasses are on) somewhere between studying and making out with Jana, who I dated briefly if you can call making out in your dorm dating.

Jana's friend I never liked.  I mean, don't you lose the right to self-righteously moralize about shit that's none of your business once you've been knocked up in high school?

And why is everyone sticking their tongue out in these pictures?

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