Dorm Days, Part II

Random shit about people and happenings within my dorm.  All the names have been changed.
On a Sunday afternoon over the summer, Dina and several friends of ours decided to climb through the ceiling, break in, and empty her next-door neighbor Lauren's room.  Actually, all her stuff was still there, but we hid most of it in the closet or under the beds.

When Lauren came back, she was convinced that the mob guy she just broke up with stole all her shit.

Roger's mom was pretty hot, and not just because she could lift a dorm fridge.

I sprained my ankle pretty severely the first day of the summer semester.  Connie was a social vulture who swooped in to hang out with the wounded guy who couldn't run away.

Aside from Cathleen the Great in her stately attire during a finals week, I have no idea who these people are.  I think one of them was Tad.

Actually, this is from xmas at my house, but it was on the same roll as some of the other pics here.

This is possibly the only time I've ever been photographed in sweatpants.  Possibly the only time I've ever actually worn sweatpants.

My hair did on its own.  Seriously.

Cathleen looking visibly uncomfortable being photographed.  This was taken shortly after we started dating and some unspecified time before she burst from her invisible cocoon of shyness into the totally awesome woman she is now. 

(Note: She totally rawked before, but I suspect she was oblivious to this fact at the time.)

Sometime in the fall of '93.  Alan is the guy in the wheelchair, someone who the government paid to go to school for as long as he liked, apparently, and a ride he openly stated he planned to hang onto for as long as he could get away with it.

He used to run around telling girls that he like to have sex with chickens because you could cut one of their wings off and it would flap around his dick in a circle.  This is perhaps why they were standing in the grass where he couldn't reach them.

I think the girls on and by the wall include Elena and some fat chick named Carla who was in love with Ron (the autistic guy pretending to DJ above) and transferred the next year because she was too broken up over the fact that Janice started dating him. 

I'm not making this up.

Max, Alex, and Elena at a (supposedly) haunted gravesite.  I couldn't be more surrounded by creepiness if I attended a Pedophiles Anonymous convention.

The story of the haunting has been debunked repeatedly, but bullshit about this continues about it around the web to this very day.

After my roommate Joey posted his (mostly) fictitious 400+ item xmas "wish list" on our door, people started coming up and reading it.  I heard these guys (and the girl who is mostly cropped) giggling outside our room, so I surprised them by throwing open the door and snapping a shot of them.

She's asking what we're all thinking: Is she or isn't she a lesbian?

I would have said she was back then, but she's married and has a kid now, so who knows?

I can't remember her name, and I certainly wasn't interested in her for her mind*, but I was fascinated by her ass, especially in these pants.

*One night she came with us (i.e., Joey, Sally, etc.) to some modern dance exhibition, and I think it blew her mind.  We're not exactly talking about a future rocket scientist here.

This guy is the answer to the question of who you would stick in a room with a rebel flag-flying Cajun if you wanted to freak out the latter.

James took this picture of Max just before he dropped out.  He said he wanted photographic evidence because no one would believe his stories about his roommate otherwise.

My roommate Joey was telling a story, but all these two could think about was what they'd do to him if he was straight.

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