Dorm days

Random shit about people and happenings within my dorm.  All the names have been changed.
Kayla's roommate Lorrie who was... believe it or not... as crazy as Kayla.

We talked her into writing crap on the RA's door, then took a picture of her in the act.  I planned to use this as blackmail for sexual favors, but couldn't bring myself to overlook how fucked up she was in the head.

My former and then current next-door neighbors Rog and Melissa, respectively, were brought into existence as part of a science project involving a heretofore unknown radioactive substance and a Normal Rockwell painting.

This was Elena's roommate Stacia.  She's the one on the left.

Okay, sometimes they were spontaneous.  I think I took this picture since Rog was my suite mate.  The sound of Melissa giggling and screaming as she was dragged into the shower had me hoping for more skin on her part that this, so I had the camera at the ready.

Elena.  (Shiver)

My one-time roommate Ron was the self-appointed DJ at virtually every dorm event on account of the fact that he had about a million cds and, not incidentally, really needed a lot of stereo equipment between himself and a dance floor as an excuse why he wouldn't allow himself to mingle. 

Today Ron would have been properly diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in time to experience intervention from professionals who perhaps could have helped him avoid his short-lived engagement to Janice less than a year after this photo was taken.

No one had a louder stereo than Justin.  This was inversely proportional to the quality of music he played on it, so that basically he was able to reach the most people with the least interest (i.e., two floors down).

The police reports about him subsequent to when I knew him were very interesting to say the least.

This wasn't Halloween or anything.  Tom really did dress like this all the time.

Man, I so would have done her.  Tanya was a total babe, and she thought it was hot that I told her she was a "total babe" one day.  That's why she was a total babe.

Pop quiz: In Alex's estimation, how might one sum up Tanya?

I don't even remember their names, which makes sense since these two almost make me think of one of those sci-fi movies about cloning.  

I honestly don't remember anything about them except that she previously dated a guy who was a dick (and happened to be hung up on her years after the fact).  I don't know why either of those things were the case.

Top to bottom: My former roommate Ron, his brother Todd, and some guy who I think was named Mark.  I think Mark liked Depeche Mode.  He was a lot older than he looked.  I think.

The two in the foreground got married.  She was a closet racist who didn't do a very good job of hiding her supremacist attitudes.

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