Dorm Days: The Special "Me" Edition

Almost all of the following were taken by Janice.
This would look a lot more dramatic if you could tell I was hanging over the railing looking down to the third floor.

My audition for ET.  Or something.

The scarf is meant to look like it's flying in the breeze.  In reality, Scotch tape was required for the special effect.

The guitar belonged to my next door neighbor, Melissa, who borrowed it from her dad.  I kept it the whole semester, ostensibly because I was going to teach her how to play it.  I never did, in part because I was so busy using it as a prop in photo shoots I was talked into.

If Oscar Wilde could play guitar, he would have been very nearly this cool.

This is a tribute.

Actual wind.  Man, I was awesome.  Are you completely overtaken?

This is ridiculous.  Believe it or not, this was Janice's idea to keep taking pictures of me.  I was running out of material by this point and was clueless that she was in love with me.  I thought some girls just liked taking a lot of pictures and stalking me.

My best Jason Newstead impression.  This was in my room, although that's my roommate John's poster.  Yeah, a unicorn.  WTF?

Obviously a bass is confounding when you're trying to play a D note in two octaves... at the SAME TIME.

The Achtung, Baby! shirt indicates that I was the coolest guy on campus... even though I bought it at the mall and never saw the actual concert.

More from this series.  They don't get much better.

My half of the dorm room in the spring of '93.  Note the roll of duct tape on the bookshelf hinting at an early fascination with the BDSM lifestyle that has become an indispensable thread in the tapestry that is my sexuality.

Try not to make too much of the teddy bear on the stereo, however.

Ah, finally we have the dramatic version of this shot.  From time to time, I would jump down onto the furniture in the lobby because college is a time when people experiment and try new things.

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