Things Dani does to annoy me (A partial list)

Dani annoys me.  Yes, I love her, but in any partnership, there are going to be annoyances.  Now I'm not saying she sets out to annoy me deliberately... it's just that she does certain things, then after I've asked her not to do them, she does them again.

For instance...
Her: How about this one?
Me: We saw it already.
(long pause)
Her: Did I like it?
  • Dani never files anything.  That wouldn't be a problem if she just stuffed it all into a big box somewhere.  The problem is that she always plans to file things away.  Later.  Eventually.  Someday.  In the meantime, it accumulates to the point I'm literally tripping over piles of things.  Thankfully, there's usually a large pile of laundry nearby to break my fall.

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