Dani annoys me: Late addition

Dani can't tell stories to save her life, let alone mine... which will undoubtedly be cut short by the massive coronary she'll induce one of these days by telling an appallingly bad account of what should be a decent narrative.  See, I work hard to provide her with good material.  And what's the point of having great memories without sharing them?  But, dammit it, Dani, if you're just going to ruin the story, don't tell it.

In case you missed it, our first (married) anniversary was 10/7.  In spite of a really bad day that included a flat tire (and dealing with Walmart's auto dept.), I manage to set up a little surprise for Dani.  We get home, I pretend nothing's happening. We already planned on not making a big deal out of it.  We have supper together and watch a dvd, then I ask her what's for desert?

While she goes to the kitchen, I pull out a carrot cake (her favorite) and put a couple candles on it.  Not just any candles, mind you, these are a red and blue (wedding colors) pair that spiral around one another and intertwine like DNA (wedding theme).  Okay, they clash with the ivory and orange icing, but whatever.  I wasn't going to get a cake she didn't like just to color-coordinate.  Anyway, I light the candles and call her back into the room.  She's surprised, not realizing I had time to get the cake earlier (thankfully) before the flat tire troubles.

We have desert, then I ask if she liked her present.  What present, she asks.  I move aside some papers on the desk in front of her and pull out a Yaz t-shirt with the silhouette of the cover of Upstairs At Eric's, the album that featured "Only You" (wedding song).  We saw one just like at the Yaz reunion concert a few months ago, but she didn't want to shell out the money for the overpriced one at the time.  I found one in England and ordered it in time to get it here for our anniversary.  It wasn't anything big, but she's excited.

We talk to my mom on the phone later that night to tell my folks thanks for the anniversary present they sent.  I put Dani on the phone and ask her to tell my mom what got her.

Her version: He bought a cake and got me a shirt.


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