Craigslist = idiots.

I've gone off on this shit before.  New material.

Went looking for baby bottles for Stan.  No, not used.  Lots of people get extra things as presents that they can't use or just don't end up using.  I found a listing with his brand of bottles (Important because you don't have to worry about mixing up the parts after you wash a bunch).

The ad has her email address but not her phone number.  I shouldn't even have to go into why this is fucking stupid, but I will.  You post your email address online, you'll get sucked up into someone's spam-spewing machine.  You post a phone number, no one fucking cares.  No one's going to track you down.  No one's going to prank call you and do heavy breathing in the middle of the night.  No.  You're selling crap on Craigslist.  Give me a fucking break already!

So I email her (given that's the only option) and say I'm interested, give me a call.  I give her my cell number.

She replies by email asking what I'm interested in (of the items that were offered in the ad) and gives me her phone number.  WTF?!  Guess where this email comes from.  Go on.  Guess.  Bottom of the message: "Sent from my iPhone."

That's right, she had the fucking phone in her hand and my cell number, but she fucking taps shit out on the goddamned screen.

People are fucking idiots.

Bonus story:

Had a guy call about a tv and vcr I had listed.  He asks about the tv.  I ask if he's interested in the vcr as well.  He seems confused.  Asks if I have a dvd player.  I'm wondering if he's even seen the ad or if someone just told him about it.

He says he's just interested in the tv, but he can't make it over to my place because he doesn't have transportation.  I'm like, well, call me when you do.  Again, he's completely confused by this turn of events.  He actually asks: "I need transportation?"  I explain to him I can't get away (which isn't true, but Stan's crying and I'm trying to feed him, so it seems plausible).  The guy sounds completely defeated and hangs up.  Who the fuck calls someone on Craiglist and expects them to deliver a tv?  Score me another "WTF?!"

I re-listed the squirrel trap on Craigslist.  The ad specifically says "Don't email me, just call."  I get an email asking "what are the deminsions" (<-actual text in its entirety).  This is in spite of the fact I purposely put my foot in the shot as a visual reference.  I'm tempted to point out that I told him to call, but do I really want any further contact with this idiot?  I reply, "I wear men's size 10."

Latest CL idiot: "Do u still hav this"  My favorite part: In spite of me saying "don't email, just call," the message ends: "Sent via iPhone."  You have a phone in your hands!  You have my number right in front of you!  You couldn't just fucking call?

Update: I wrote him and said, "If you're serious about this, then just call me."  He replied this morning with "The listing does not show any phone number. Also, no phone number on your email."  Note that he doesn't send his number either and, yes, you fucking dumbass, the number is in the listing!  I sent him a link.

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