I deal with idiots on Craigslist

No, wait.  I don't.  You can't make a deal with idiots because they're impossible to deal with.

See, I posted an ad for a book about the Pink Floyd The Wall movie.  It's pretty self-explanatory, and I was only asking $5 for it.  I figured a collector might be interested.  There's a picture of the book in the ad even.

Here's the actual series of emails exchanged between the idiot who unfortunately responded to the ad.

HER: Have you already sold this?

ME: Not yet.  Are you interested?

HER: Yes, could you explain it to me again?  Thanks!

[At this point I'm tempted to write back: "It's a book.  You want me to fucking read it to you over the phone?"  But I don't.  Instead...]

Me [Attempt #1]: What is your question?

HER: [No response.]

Me [Attempt #2]: You asked about the Pink Floyd The Wall book.  Yes, I still have it.  Do you want to buy it?

HER: Yes, I am interested, but right now -- I have forgotten what it is we are talking about?

ME: [I send her a link to the ad.]

Never got any response after that.  Fucking idiot.

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