Chinese New Year at Brindle and Mark's
No, I don't really know much about Chinese New Year, but when you get an evite from Brindle, you go... because you never know when she's going to up and stop socializing with you.  Watch.

<forced smile> "Oh, I'm so glad you made it." </forced smile>

Red and blue apparently do not always make purple.

This is what I always picture happening with the personals section on Craigslist.

"Dude.  You can take pictures with your cock?"

Don't laugh.  Together they're going to bring down the Matrix.

Oooooh, Pretty Woman.

On the set of Pokémon: The Movie.

David keeps his maternal instincts enough in check that he doesn't dab a napkin with spit before trying to rub it off.

"Look!  She is the one spoken of in the prophesy!"

If I had known it was going to turn into this kind of party, I wouldn't have worn underwear either.

The judges were clearly impressed with David's ability to continue the staring contest long after his vanquished opponent Brandi went away to sulk in a corner.

It's funny to compare and contrast orgasm faces.

Fan club.

I didn't even realize we were playing Laser Tag, but that's a game face if I ever saw one.

Don't you hate it when people think punchlines built around obscure references are really, really funny while everyone they tell it to goes, "Wait.  Huh?"

Awwww.  The confetti man we built melted already.

Comic books are one thing, but to hear Thor tell the stories firsthand.  Man.  What a privilege.

My favorite thing about Brandi is how her attitude toward feng shui flower arranging is the complete opposite of Ms. Bangs here.

Just as only the Japanese can tell the sex of baby chickens, only tomboys can sex a paper dragon.

"And then I was like, 'Kathy, you should tell Jesus to suck it when you pick up your award,' and then she did, OMG!"

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