Dani's Brokeback Birthday
Dani's birthday was two weeks away still, but I didn't think the weather was going to stay warm for much longer, so I surprised her a bit early with a trip to Benbrook Stables for a horseback ride.  (No innuendo implied for once.)

Dani has no idea where we're going, but she's always ready for adventure... as long as she has lip gloss.  Actually by this point we'd pulled up in the parking lot of the stables (note the horse in trailers, just like most fans of country music).

Brindle and Mark make for the least-convincing cowboys ever.  I'm never taking them time-traveling again.

Dani's the odd one out at this impromptu Blues Brothers revival once Kristen arrived and Random Guy wandered into the shot.

"Continuing adult education classes," Mark replied when asked where he learned the art of horse whispering.

One horse short of a posse, the blonde had to ride the horsey-faced kid.

Ever a fan of Pippy Longstockings, Dani tried in vain to lift her horse over her head, but no such luck.  She settled on the reverse.

This was a good practice run.  The #1 threat to any cowgirl is getting clotheslined by low-hanging branches you weren't quick enough to duck beneath.

I made sound effects while Brindle and Dani recreated the speeder bike chase scene from Return of the Jedi.

Move over Clint Eastwood, there's an even paler rider in town.

I think Kristen and I would agree this scene would be so much more romantic if there was a sunset and the skinny dude was a tomboyish lesbian*.

*Kristen and I have the same type which means someday we're going to come to blows if a pro tennis player picks one of us over the other.

Just as a prank we all got behind the lady with the VR goggles to see how long it would take before she noticed she was being trailed by a convoy.  When she didn't, we put a noose on her and left her on one of those oaks.

It's always best to seek higher ground when there's a chance of encountering Injuns.

Horse: Hmmmm.  I have a horsey tail.

Brindle: I have two pony tails.  I win.

Horse: The only thing I'm wearing is a saddle.

Brindle: Then I get to do whatever I want to you.  Have you ever heard of Catherine the Great?

Dani said it was a painted horse, but why would you paint a horse to look like sloppy s'mores?

Ha, ha!  Brindle doesn't know how to shift in a standard.

No, the camera was perfectly level.  The horses just had velcro on their hooves.

Ooops.  We rode past the edge of the scenery.

...and then we had the opposite problem.

Speaking of blazing new trails, I see the potential for an indy Western in the vein of Blair Witch Project.

Oh, look.  Poop.

They put in these handicap-accessible ramps for the horses or we'd still be standing there.

"Next year let's race chariots," said a horse-crazed Dani.

Ewwww.  That horse has a brown spot on his butt!

It takes a lot of effort to be this awesome all the time, but I'm worth it.

Alexplored 11/17/07.
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