Another Bridal Show, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
Q: Stepford wife?

A: Obviously.

She should have forgone the standard catwalk strut in favor of the only thing that's appropriate for this dress: Skipping like a four year-old.

Note: The bouquet is on the left.

Is the dress too short or is the slip too long?  The crowd wonders.

Then she took a rose from the bouquet and placed it between her teeth as the groom laid a sombrero on the floor around which she could show her stuff.

The best man won the bet.  It took less than three glasses of champagne before she flashed the wedding party and everyone else in the vicinity.

A harpy?  No.  [Insert mother-of-the-bride joke here.]

The sight of Darth Vader wandering the halls of the Death Star couldn't be more menacing.

Note the statue of the archer.  As if there weren't enough casualties of Cupid's arrows here already.

Dani's favorite words: "Complimentary drinks."

See you at the wedding.

Copyright 2007 Alexplorer.
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