The Last Bridal Show, Part III

Continuing where we left off...
Warn the groom.  This one's part Borg.

Oh, I get it.  Make the rest of the dress white and color her boobs flesh colored.  I wonder what they're trying to achieve here.

Unless you're the entertainment, you probably shouldn't go to a wedding wearing cast-offs from Labelle or the Pointer Sisters.

Okay, but how do you iron something like this?

Here's a case of so much pride that he'd rather go without a tie than ask someone to help him tie his.

No, ladies; I was wrong.  This is the way you humiliate your mother on your special day.

Someone should have spiked the punch with Ritalin.

Presenting Junior Miss Air Guitar Champion 2007!

If she was horizontal, the pose would be just as appropriate for a wake.

I've looked all over, and I'm finally ready to award it: Worst beading ever.

If the material is too delicate to bleach, you probably should give up on the idea of wearing your mother's dress for your wedding.

"Do you take this (Aqua)man to be your lawfully wedding superhero?"

Part of Isosceles, a new line of fashion from Pythagoras.

All I can figure is this model lost a bet.

Men are from Mars Candy, Incorporated.

The Stepford Brides.

And the clones.  In another decade or two they'll be perpetuating the cycle.

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