The Last Bridal Show
By this point even my bride Dani was sick of going to bridal conventions with me since I only went there to make fun of them, so I brought my groomsmaid Katie instead.

It's like Disney World on estrogen!

You might say they're a head taller were it not for the decapitations.

Some cat fights are not over the bouquet.  In this case, Katie's kitten was just going psycho as cats tend to do.

I always imagine these events as game shows with no rules and lots of prizes you don't really want anyway.

Other than making fun of what they put on display at the fashion show, about 99% of the reason I went to this one (okay, other than the free passes) was for the free food.  What did they have?  Plastic food.

Yes, it's wedding cake (the only free food there was this time), but it's still sexy.

Alternatively, we could have paid for food...


The lone trombonist regulates the traffic.

Every wedding should hire a guitar/pamphlet duo.

Dude.  No.

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