Another Bridal Show, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Name one thing right about this dress.  I dare you.  You can't, can you.

It's like the Matrix series, you know?  At first it's sexy and original and you think they can do no wrong... And then about halfway through they just screw it all up with a bunch of loose ends no one cares about.

Not pictured: The hat filled with fruit.

Just because there's no rattle doesn't mean it isn't venemous.

On the upside, the rivits definitely helped her posture.

If you're still dressing like a Disney character, you probably are living in fantasy land.  Thanks, Princess, for keeping that divorce rate hovering at 50%.

Just pick a hemline and stick with it.

Making the "Nice melons" comments from the groomsmen that much more accessible.

I don't know what species taffeta comes from, but I'm pretty sure it was driven to extinction in the making of this dress.

No one --I mean NO ONE-- is leaving here until someone confesses to the stupid idea of putting a sash on this two-piece.

...and the center is filled with nougat.

Here.  Try this:

Ooops.  Looks like someone forgot to take off the dust cover.

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