Another Bridal Show
This one was at the Bass Hall, just down the street from the convention center where we attended the last one.

Dani has no qualms about her choice for a husband, but the mere presence of streamers brings on a panic attack.

By the end of the tastings we needed to go up a couple sizes on the wedding dress.

No, Dani, I do NOT dare you to!

The magic of all-girl string quartets is their ability to combine cleavage-baring formal wear with arm movements that rival Pink Floyd's ability to pair interesting visuals with live music.

The only thing more surprising than Cruella ensnaring a groom was that she figured out how to wash the spots out the dalmation's coat.

That strut tells me a groomsman had one too many and let something slip he shouldn't have about the bachelor party.

Oh, honey...  Get dressed; the fashion show started ten minutes ago.

It's an apron.  Foreshadowing, you might say.

Now just imagine what this would have cost if they sold veils by the yard!

The convenient choice when you don't want mom to know just how many tattoos you've collected since your first spring break in college.

Obviously the vows will be presented in PowerPoint by this workaholic bride.

Pink stuff.  It's what you guzzled after the bachellorette party to make it down the aisle in a vertical configuration.

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