The Fort Worth Bridal Convention
Since Dani and I are planning our wedding for later this year, we hit the bridal convention going down this past weekend.  Aside from free slices of wedding cake samples, what could a guy expect to find there?  Well, picture this: Loads and loads of hot, desirable (albeit taken) hot young things.  These are the ones who found guys already, not the ones you usually see in conjunction with the flicker of fluorescent lights and the sound of a raspy voice yelling, "Last call!"  In other words, lots to look at!

A giant star made out of cowboy hats.  I think it simultaneously says absolutely nothing and yet somehow sums up everything you need to know about Fort Worth.

Every little girl dreams about going to a bridal show and getting fawned over... except for my bride-to-be who wouldn't even wear one of the free 3 inch buttons proudly identifying the wearer as a "BRIDE."

Practice makes perfect right?  We've only got about ten months before the wedding to get this right.

A picture of Dani eating.

And another.

I had one of the photographers take a shot of us.  She looked confused at the prospect when I handed her my camera.  Maybe because I wasn't offering her any money.

Yeah, I shaved my head again.  Yes, in this weather.  Okay, I'm an idiot.

Hey, what's Dani doing in this picture?

By the time we finished our marathon circuit of the place, we settled down for about an hour before the fashion show for Dani to polish off some nachos and cheese (which I'm pretty sure is listed precisely nowhere among the recommended meals on the "Bridal Bootcamp" diet).  We used the time to organize materials from vendors and flip through catalogs with me making serious notes the whole time while mouthing snotty comments about the fashions on display.

Speaking of which... 

The Fashion Show!
When fuscia attacks!

Tinkerbell wears this one when she forgets to shave her legs.

Try as I might, the most inappropriate comment I have for this photo is still not nearly as inappropriate as the match between the dress and this model.

If you get a group of matching bridesmaids together on the Serengeti, it will confuse a hungry pack of lions.

Um, Honey... Where are the drapes?

Ten thousand volts were harnessed to get this corpse of a model to assume his trademark awkward stance.

Peachy keen!

First thing that came to mind here...

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