My Birthday, Joey's Birthday
My roommate and I were born three days short of a year apart, so we had a semi-spontaneous birthday party in our dorm room the year we lived together.  All these pictures are from either Joyce or Jamie.  I just made a set for myself off their negatives.

I think my parents brought over the cake earlier in the day.  There's a copy of U2's Zooropa in the cd player.  It was that easy to please me back then.

I'm not going to go into detail here, but the Madonna calendar will give it away anyway: One of these people wasn't gay yet but is now, and another one was then and she (says she) isn't now.  The other was Baptist and was therefore disqualified.

Okay: Here's a hint.  There's a can of WD40 in the background.

This is like an Asperger's convention.  What are these people doing in my room?

Jamie the Cajun makes a surprise appearance through the bathroom adjoining our room to his.  He would literally bring homemade moonshine up from his place when he returned from a weekend with his family.  Sometimes he would stay out all night drinking, and we would have to bring him to class drunk the next morning.  He would sit there and laugh stupidly all through class, then would go back to the dorm and sleep it off.  And yet he made better grades than I did.

I don't know who decorated the room with toilet paper.

Joey kept Fara as a pet, but never followed that rule about not feeding her after midnight... or most any other time.

It's rare to find a shot in which either Rob or Elena are speaking.  If you put the two of them alone together, a tree falling wouldn't make a sound.

Obviously there was a spontaneous breakdancing competition on the floor of our room, though I couldn't tell you who won.

Why exactly I would demonstrate this ability in front of mixed company is something I'll never be able to explain.

I feel I really should have some idea what was going on here, but I honestly don't.  I think the one with the mock headwound was named Christina.  She lived next door and hated us because Joey and I sang very loudly allllllllllllll the time.

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