Naming the baby, Part II: Boys' names

These are by no means all the names I've suggested to Dani for our spawn-to-be, nor are my favorites necessarily included among this list, but the following are some of her responses to a selection of options.  I collected most of these lying in bed with the Alphasmart interrogating her as she was trying to drift off to sleep.  Yeah, some of the names are nutty and a lot of them were never under serious consideration, but I liked them for one reason for another (if only to provoke a reaction).

The majority of these just came from baby name books we marked up at night or on road trips while the other was driving, but I noted cases where the inspiration came from other sources.
Barrett - It's stuffy.
*Inspiration: Syd Barrett, founding member of Pink Floyd who, ironically enough, was the polar opposite of stuffy.
Blaise - Sounds like a cowboy name. [Me: I was thinking of Blaise Pascal, the mathematician.]  Mmmm. (noncommittal.)

Blake - It's a fraternity name.  He's a weightlifter and orange from the fake tanning.

Bryce - It's a little pretentious.

Cedar - Too close to Cletus.*
*Funny story proving once again that Dani is funnier than I am: Dani's friend Jessica married a guy named Cletus.  He wasn't a redneck, surprisingly, but he was the third "Cletus" in family succession, so he wanted to name their first born Cletus as well.  The wife (understandably!) was firmly against this.  They were hoping for a girl to render the issue moot.  Dani said, "Oh, well, that won't stop them.  They could always name her Cletoris."

Chitin - Isn't that what whales eat?  [Me: That's krill.]  Isn't that what whales' teeth are made out of?  [Me: No.]
*Inspiration: Science-themed name.  Chitin is actually a molecule similar to cellulose.  It makes up cell walls in fungi and the shells of arthropods (i.e., crustaceans, insects, arachnids).  Technically whales do eat krill, but, no.

Circuit - That's just stupid.  [Me: Why?]  You're trying too hard to be from the future.
*Inspiration: Trying too hard to be futuristic.

Clive - How about Chive?  Spicy!

Colin - I like it.  [Me: With one L or two?]  How about one L and two Os?  Or maybe Colon.  [Me: Uh...]

Dex - [Me: We should have a girl named Alexis who we'll call Lex and a boy named Dex.]  Yeah.
*Inspiration: Dani loves the show "Dexter."  While I'd be okay saddling my son with the name of a fictional serial killer, I just don't like the name Dexter.

Django - Everyone would call him DeeJango like BoJangle.
*Inspiration: Django Reinhardt.  You know me by now, right?

Drew - Can we spell it "Dru"?  [Me: No.]  Then no.

Echo - Everyone would think we named him after Echo on Lost.
*Inspiration: Science-themed.  Also, I was looking for non-Italian names ending in "o" to counter a sister's name ending with "a."

Ever - It sounds like it's not complete.

Future - Oh, yeah (sarcastically); that's better than Circuit.  Why not Future Circuit?

Grey - Why not Blue Black or Greenish Yellow?  Tope?  Smoke?  Azule?  Azure?  Sienna?  Cornflower?

Gus - That's our dog's name.  [Me: So?]  The dog was here first.  And it sounds dim-witted.

Ian - I like Ian [Me: Why?]  Because it sounds like Ewan.  (Note: I vetoed Ewan on the grounds that naming a son after an actor his mother fantasizes about is entirely too Oedipal.)

Jack - I like Zack.  [Me: I said Jack.]  Yeah, that's good too.

Jake - I like Jake, but it kind of sounds like a dog's name.  [Have you ever known a dog named Jake?]  I don't think so.  But I could.

Leash - I'm not even gracing that with an answer.

Max - It's simple.  It's got an X in it.  [Me: I always say that about AleX.]  I like it because you like it.  [Me: That's not the case with Kayla.]  Well, you're just stupid and that's not my fault.

Oscar - I'd call him Ozzy because I think that's a nice nickname.  Better than Gar.

Pascal - That sounds like a little frog on a Discovery Channel cartoon learning math.

Peter - I don't want our child made fun of if his name's Peter. [Me: How would they make fun of him?]  Because that's his penis.

Reece - Only if we can spell it Rhys.  Like that rhesus monkey.  [Me: They don't spell it that way.]  Oh.

Salad - What about Salad?  [Me: No.]  Why not?  [Me: It sounds like our kid's going to be a vegetable.]

Tyler - It's a white trash name.  Came straight from the trailer park.

Xenon - Too gassy.
*Inspiration: Periodic table, obviously.

p.s. Oh, and btw, last we checked, it's a BOY!

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