Alexplorer's Asian Grocery Adventure: Part II

The Drinks - I got a little crazy with the drinks this time around.  Like I said, I can't cook, so it was either this or deserts.

Goya - Bunch of Mexican drinks, but Asians can be fruity too, you know?

Mandarin Orange Drink (with pulp and juice) -  Just mandarins in a blender and add some water.

Grass Jelly Drink - I had tried this once before and wasn't so crazy about it, but I figured I'd give it another chance.  Obviously, it's popular enough to be perhaps the most ubiquitous of all the unusual drinks in Asian groceries.  The oddest thing about this stuff is the grass jelly.  Admittedly, I still have no idea what this is.  It's like a thick, tasteless variety of grape jelly... and apparently made from grass.  That's the most salient element of the initial drinking experience (as most Americans aren't used to solids in their beverages), but the drink itself wasn't too bad.  It wasn't too different than a variety of tea (sorry, can't be more specific since I'm not a tea drinker), but it had a taste and smell like flowers, something like you might find among certain Middle Eastern drinks.  Again, this is assuming you can get past the chunks of foreign matter.

Soya Bean Drink - This was the first thing I tried from this lot of groceries.  It looked and tasted a lot like vanilla soy milk (i.e., a milk vanilla shake), but left a sort of vegetable after-taste.  It wasn't too bad at all, but the smell was a bit strong and really lingered even several hours later when I dug out the can to take the picture at the top of this page.

Bird's Nest Drink - To me this just tasted like some kind of weird tea.  According to the ingredients, it is supposed to contain real bird's nest.  I was afraid this was going to be can full of twigs and grass, but it was liquid.  Mostly.  Just when I got to the bottom, I got little bits of what seemed like rice noodles.  I'm not sure what that was exactly, but what kind of prank is this when you get to the bottom of your drink and you're left with something to wash down?!

Jarritos Grapefruit - This is just another Mexican drink hanging out in the Oriental grocery, but there were several Latinos in the store when I was there on this trip, so I guess it wasn't too Star Wars cantina after all.

Plum juice - Did you know that prunes are really dried up plums?  Well, yeah, but then what is Plum juice then?  Yep.  Watered down prune juice.  I guess this is what people drink before they get wrinkled enough to require the prune juice.

The rest of the haul...

Love Letters "Chocolate Cream Filling Egg Rolls" - As with much of the rest from this haul, these weren't terribly exotic, just some light pastry like a flakey ice cream cone and a layer of chocolate on the inside.  Absolutely no challenge here.

Fruit Cake - Some "Engrish" from the package: "Pay attention, there is a fully new taste go public.  It is healthy, delicious.  It is really the best snack for all of you."  Ingredients: "FD&C red #40, Sugar, Haw."  WTF?  It scares me that they were listed in that order.  Fortunately, this wasn't like a xmas fruit cake, but it wasn't all that good.  It was ground-up, mashed-up fruit squeezed into little squares.
Seaweed Snack - I really have no idea what this is called since there is no English writing on the package other than the ingredients... which ought to serve as a warning for anyone not fluent in Japanese not to eat it.
Fruity Coconut Jelly - I don't get this.  It's just Jello in a tinnie tiny little cup.  And the coconut?  Just a little mushy wedge smaller than an olive.  I just don't get it.

Believe it or not, I also picked up a couple more cans of Aloe Vera drink on this trip.  Hey, it was good stuff!

Room for more?  Check out Part I if you missed it.
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