Around town...

We aren't Nevada!
No "In and Out"?  What would the board of tourism say about this?

(Found above the attendant's stand at a parking lot in downtown Dallas.)

"It's where the geeks eat!"
Note the banner to the left.  The new Radio Shack/Tandy corporate headquarters moved in across the street.  Maybe they're trying to attract the geeks?

(Like everything else on this page, this is 100% real, not Photoshopped.)

Get it from the "Bra"
Well, where else would you get fresh, all natural milk except from a bra?!

And at that price, I'll take two jugs!

(Dani gets the credit for this one; I drove right by it before I knew what she was laughing about.)

Pay at Pump
The sign reads "24 Hour Pay at Pump," but all the pumps are locked behind a metal shield. 

What the hell?  I know it's an election year, but I think this picture is commentary enough.

(The picture is grainy because I had to adjust the brightness/contrast.  They turned off all the lights above the pumps!)

Isn't it oxymoronic?
I'm still scratching my head.  So is it automatic sometimes and not others?  How do they decide?

(Found this at an entrance to the mall in Denton, TX.)

Hula-Hoop Man
Dani and I spotted this guy doing his thing on a sign in the nature preserve in Fort Worth.  In case it isn't obvious, the hoop is courtesy of a transparent bumper sticker.

Where can I get one of these? And has anyone seen any variations?  I can think of a few I would like to see.

(Found in a part in Fort Worth.)

Edmonster's Fried Chicken
Admittedly, we've never eaten here, but neither have most people in this town.  My personal theory is that everone who sees this sign are as freaked out by the sign as we are. 

Who opens an eatery, then advertizes it using a font reminiscent of a poster from the black-and-white era of monster movies?  Boo!!!

I get the feeling that this is the sort of place that would fascinate those girls in Ghost World.

(Found in Fort Worth.)

Signs... of the Apocalypse!
We're going out of business... but we have enough money to pay guys to hold signs on the street corner. 

Honestly, I don't get it.  I want a job doing this.

They don't even have to wave like the clowns outside the used car lots! 

Deliverance Public Library

No kidding, this was the library when I first moved to Folsom, Louisiana in the late '80s.  The next nearest library was roughly fifteen miles away.

Actually, shortly after we moved to the area they built a real library about half a mile from here (that's right; on the other side of town).  This is now just a storage shed.

Upon revisiting the town in July 2004, I was amazed to discover how much the town had grown.  The number of traffic lights had doubled.  There were two of them!  True story!

Irony by the bucketful!
You know there's no god when you're a plumber and the water main breaks in front of the street.

On the other hand, if Mr. Lopez had been out there handling it himself, I guaranty he would have all my business for the rest of his life!

(In Fort Worth.)

Seafood - Chicken - Donuts
One of these things is not like the other.

What concerns me is the possibility that they're all cooked in the same fryer.  I've never eaten there so I don't know if that's the case.  The thing is I probably never will simply because I don't want to detect a shrimpy aftertaste in the donuts.

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