MySpace Anagrams
I like mixing up my friends.

Amy = May.
Because she just might.  You never know.

Analytic = Anal city.
Hmmmm.  Didn't know that.

Barry Kooda = A dorky boar.
I'm going to get him a t-shirt with this on it.

Bean = Bane.
Maybe not of my existence, but I suppose he annoys someone?

Brandi = And rib.
I guess you could read something biblical into that.

Brindle = Bred nil.
Appropriate, since she's quite adamantly not going to make any kids.

Celeste = Eel sect.
I think they're a death cult or something.

Chessie = She's ice.
See, dead wrong.  I thought she was pretty hot, myself.

Christina = Rich at sin.
I wonder what she charges?

Christine = Nicer shit.
Let me think about this one.

Comrade Ski = Irksome cad.
Awww, come on.  He's not that bad.

Corey Ann = Ye car one.

Diana = I a DNA.
She's also a biology person, so this makes sense, though it doesn't excuse her grammar.

Domino  = Mod ion.
She was one of my chemistry students.  Stop thinking dirty thoughts; I've had them all already.

Elizabeth = Zit be heal.
Sounds sort of homeopathic.

GiGi Holiday = I dig oily hag.
I'll ask her, but I'm pretty sure she caught their show the last time they played in Dallas.

Heather = Hate her.
I guess I should put her on my "naughy" list next xmas.

Hox Memeplex = Hex me elm pox.
(It's a secret code, obviously.)

Isaac Moore = I am ace or so.
What an egotistical bastard!

ka-RIN' = An irk.
I wonder if she's met Comrade Ski, the "irksome cad"?

Katie = A kite.
This is very, very true.

Kristen = Stinker.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kristi = Risk it.
Warning: Predator posing as a house pet.

Lindsey = Snidely.
Actually, she doesn't seem to be.  Maybe when there's more alcohol involved?

Lisa = Ails.
I can see why you'd get sick of her.

Michael = Male chi.
Very Zen.

Miss Margo = I'm orgasms.
Wow.  Just.  Wow.

Sarah = A rash.

Siologen = Goes in lo.
And he explores tunnels.  Go figure.

Slambino = Mail snob.
Come to think of it, he never did reply the last time I wrote him!

Teresa = Teaser.

Teryna = Rant ye.
Odd, since she doesn't really blog all that much.

Tina = Anti.
Well, she is kinda negative sometimes.

Tori = Riot.
Yep, she definitely is one.

And what about Alexplorer? = How about Pearl Rolex?

Copyright 2007 Ale[x]plorer.