Front Yard Scene Ideas

Our new house has a much larger front yard than our previous ones (or just about anyone else's in the neighborhood for that matter!), and it's also a corner lot, making it a ideal palette for scenes I never could have pulled off at the old place.  This page is a collection of brainstormed ideas (which is why some of these are so over-the-top).  These aren't fully-formed ideas or recipes, but I'm going to share them anyway for anyone in a similar position of wanting to decorate their own yard.

We did the first two at our old place.  We did the flying saucer in 2010, and did variations on the generic graveyard scene multiple times during several other years both at the old house and the first Halloween after we bought the new house (even though we hadn't moved in yet).  Examples are provided (via links) to the props and other decorations.

Crypt with ghosts
Skeleton coming out of the ground (example)
Gravestones (example)
Animatronics: crank ghost
Ghosts hanging from the trees (example)
Old wooden fencing (example)

Flying saucer
Crash site (example)
Surrounded by Caution tape
Area 51 sign (example)
Lots of lights to make the saucer glow, pulsate, etc.
Fog machine

Haunted playground
See-saw = mechanism: treadmill that moves a weight back and forth to rock it
Zombie children playing/attacking

Giant Insects
Insects/bugs: dragonfly, ladybug, snails, spiders, scorpions, ladybug, mantis, beetle/scarab, ants, moth, butterfly/caterpillar, earthworm, bee, flies, firefly, etc.
Have them climbing up the walls, on the roof, up trees, etc.
Animatronics: flapping wings, munching on house, etc.

Kingdom of the spiders
Webbing coming off of the sides of the house
Cocooned flies and other things
Cocooned bodies (animatronic: lurching inside webs)

Zombie dump
Skeletons with glowing red eyes emerging from garbage bags
Green lights/fog
Toxic waste barrels
Hazardous waste/biohazard signs
Animatronic: moving arms

Scooby Doo and the Mystery Crew
Mystery Machine (made of plywood)
Famous villains in the windows
Staged unmasking scene

Witch burning
Pyre with witch at the stake (logs, orange/red lights animated = flames)
Gallows with hangman's noose (perhaps several right in a row)

Crime scene
Police tape
Body bags
Blood-soaked sheets covering bodies
Exhumed shallow graves

Frankenstein's final scene
Climbing on windmill to escape the crowds with pitchforks

Witches stirring cauldron (animatronic)
Children in cages
Black cats

Pumpkin patch
Carved Jack o'lanterns (animated lighting perhaps?)
Hay bales

Blair Witch meets Scooby meets Friday the 13th
Mystery Gang camps in front yard, but is attacked by bad guys
Massacred characters
Wooden "Blair Witch" art


Blown-up bodies
Czech hedgehogs
Warning signs
Barbed wire

Pirate ship
Giant ship in front yard
Giant sea creature eating ship
Piers around egde of yard (put rope between them)
Fishing nets tossed over things
Fill edges of the yard with sand = beach
Spread blue tarp across rest of yard = water
Cannons on porch?
Skeletal pirates
Blacklight sea creatures

        Miskatonic University sign (satellite campus or maybe the medical school if you wanted to do a graveyard/grave-robbing theme)
        "From Beyond": blacklight luminescent creatures (hanging from the porch or trees as though floating), plus Dr. Tillinghast/Pretorius' machine
        Tentacles.  Lots of tentacles.  Coming out of the windows, through the roof, etc.


All of these ideas can be enhanced with other techniques like:

Utilize as many features of the house as possible to have decorations or scenes staged on them:


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