Classic Monster Stories Re-told

I am interested in alternate re-tellings of the core story, and many of the classic Universal monster stories have been retold (or are indeed retellings themselves!).  Some are more obvious re-workings than others, the latter sometimes retaining only thematic elements or just a rough outline.

Frankenstein, including the early plays and films (I think there are two that predate the 1931 film with Karloff) explored the premise of "man creates a new life, unexpected consequences follow."  And it isn't just Frankenstein that inspired re-tellings; plenty other monster stories have been been re-imagined in forms that only remain the thematic premise.  Here are some that come to mind.

Frankenstein = Creation who cannot be controlled by his creator.
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (and The Wolf Man) = Two sides of the same coin.

Dracula = A charismatic leech on two legs.

The Mummy = Strong, silent type driven by passion
Note: There are a lot of stories even on this page that fit this "unstoppable" archetype as well such as the Terminator or Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), although the motivation may be different.

Phantom of the Opera = "I'm ugly, so I'll love you afar."

Creature from the Black Lagoon = Collision of two cultures
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I'm sure there are others I'm missing.  If so, email me your suggestions!


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