Special Effects: Bringing Props to Life

IIf you add motion, sound, and light, you can really bring things to life in unexpected ways.  Props rarely stand alone; they're usually part of a scene, so adding effects to a particular prop can add a level of realism to the whole piece, not just the prop.


This is the easiest category to access, and the one with the most options.  It doesn't take any engineering or electronics skills to pull off a really decent effects, although you can push boundaries with a bit more knowledge and imagination in those areas.

Types of lights

This is just a brief and incomplete listing to get you started.  A more exhaustive discussion of types of lights can be found here.

Placement of lights

Where the lights are set up relative to what they illuminate is an important factor in the effect produced.

Animating lights

There are several ways to bring lights to life.


You can make props move through several different approaches.


Finally, you need something to occupy the ears while there's so much eye candy around.  But use sounds sparingly.  Too much going on tends to be overwhelming, and the effect is lost.


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