Recommended Reading: It Came from Bob's Basement by Bob Burns

Bob Burns probably isn't as widely known as his collection is.  He owns tons of movie artifacts and had a wildly diverse career in the entertainment industry.  His book shows off a lot of both!

Bob had a much longer and more varied career (both professionally and just for fun) than I had ever realized.  The book divides itself into seven chapters detailing various facets of Bob's involvement in show business.  Some areas covered (and these aren't chapter titles, just general topics):

It's really two books in one, only sometimes overlapping.  The words and pictures tell two completely different, though equally-engrossing stories.  The text is a short autobiography of Bob's many careers, while the photos are of Bob's Basement, the massive collection of props, costumes, artwork, photos, and other memorabilia spanning very nearly the entire history of science fiction films.  I expected the book to merely provide detailed descriptions of how Bob happened to gain possession of these amazing artifacts, but instead the text is actually more interesting.  It's filled with anecdotes about his years in the film business and involved in many other projects.

There are too many props and other items to give a complete listing, but some of the highlights include:

I find books like this to be a wonderful resource.  If you love seeing props up close, being able to see all the details of their construction, then there's nothing like this.  It's so much better even than the transient experience of passing through a museum, having to look at them through glass before continuing on.  If you love cosplay, Halloween, and/or just seeing memorabilia of films you love, this is about as close as you can get short of owning these one-of-a-kind artifacts themselves.  This is Playboy for movie geeks: Buy it for the pictures, but you'll love the text too!


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