When's the Best Time for a Halloween Party?

Okay, look.  I want to come to your Halloween party, but you've got to work around my schedule.  If you're planning to throw a party, have a read and consider what I and a lot of us will be up to, okay?
10/27/07 = Saturday before Halloween.  This is the best night to go out and party, especially in Oak Lawn (yes, even if you're straight; I will most certainly be there).  Don't stay in for a party on this night, let alone throw one.

10/31/07 = Wednesday, Halloween night.  Not only is it a weeknight (i.e., no one can really stay out late), it's about the kids.  This is the night where we keep the tradition going.  Give out candy to reward the kids who take the time and trouble to dress up.  Reward the parents who don't bow to the Jesus freaks who would like Halloween to fade away so we'll only believe in superstitions *they* think are real and not the ones we know are pretend.

11/3/07 = Saturday after Halloween.  Sure, the most awesome day of the year has passed, but you've already had your dress rehearsal (twice maybe, since if you're me, you'll dress up to give out candy).  This is the most awesome night for a Halloween party!!!

Incidentally, Friday nights work as well.  Yes, I'm already penciling things in on my calendar, but I'll definitely try to make an appearance so long as you steer clear of 10/27 and 10/31 and black cats.  Deal?  Great.

Postscript:  I wrote the above the year before we started throwing parties of our own.  As sort of a response to wanting to be everywhere at once and knowing that Halloween parties and other events will conflict with one another, we came up with sort of an "if... then" algorithm for when to throw ours.

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