Our Halloween Party Invites

I'm putting these in reverse chronological order because I think they got better as I did them.  The address is blacked out because I don't know you, so you're not invited.

This was Stella's first Halloween, so it was her Halloween party, much like how 2009 was a "Stantastic" Halloween party.

Dani made the dress.  The wig was from a prop/costume store.  You're looking at her sitting in a Bumbo in her crib, only we have black cloth and spider webs tacked up behind her.  The red fabric disguising the Bumbo is leftover material from my costume in 2005 that we've used for various things.

The hardest part was keeping her wig on.  We had to acclimate her to the setting by doing a bunch of test shots before putting it on her.  In hindsight, we should have used a lighter background to improve the contrast like I did in the alternate version below.

I don't have a scan of the final product, but this is an uncolored version I printed out and coppied for neighbors and other folks whose email address I don't have (well, I have some).  I run a highlighter over the white parts, and it looks just like the colored version.  I colored in Stella's eyes with a blue highlighter.

I wish I had lightened the background in the version above like I did here.

I almost always make an invite to send out well in advance of the party, then a reminder to send out a couple days before the party (especially since we throw ours a couple weeks before Halloween; we've had folks get confused and think it wasn't for another week).

This is an example of one of those.  I didn't take this shot with any expectation of turning it into this, but sometimes kids give you great material.

2012: Haunted Housewarming Halloween Hootenany!

Invite: The photo was from Halloween day the previous year.  Since we weren't living there yet at that point, I only decorated the yard that afternoon, and Stan sat down and enjoyed a sucker next to the skeleton (although he had finished it by this point).

I also printed copies for the neighbors (since I don't have their email addresses in most cases) and colored them with a set of highlighters, which looked really cool in person, but the scan doesn't light up quite as good.

This was our first year in the new house, and some people still hadn't seen it at all.  Stan's birthday was in July, and we had done a lot of renovating to the place in just that time.  For example, we finished the bedrooms in the back, so he had a new bedroom and playroom.

2012: Halloween Party: The Sequel

We never actually did this, but I wanted to do a second party the next weekend (Friday night though; we had plans for Saturday).  Dani agreed that it was a good idea in concept, but she was exhausted with the sleepy phase of the first trimester.

Halloween Party: The Sequel

I like sequels.  We're making one in Dani's uterus.  Why not have one for a Halloween party?

Yes, I know it's short notice, but come out this Friday if you couldn't make it last weekend.  Come out even if you could and want some more.  We're still decorating.

Where: Our house!

When: 8pm-til whenever on Friday, October 26th (In other words: Friday the 13th times two = 26!).

2011: No Halloween party

We didn't have a party in 2011 because we were in the process of renovating the new house.  The decorations were at one house, but we were living in the other one.  We were too drained to try dragging everything back to the old house for a party, and it was impossible at that point to make the new house presentable (e.g., the walls were ripped open in several rooms.  Worse than ugly; it was dangerous).

2010: An Out-of-this-World Halloween party

Invite: The idea was that we would do a sci-fi themed year instead of just the graveyard and ghosts like before.  I didn't have the decorations up when we sent this out, but we put a crashed flying saucer in the front yard, put up glowing stars and planets everywhere in the living room (later recycled in Stan's bedroom), and dressed up like the Coneheads.

2009: A Stan-tastic Halloween party

Invite: This was the first year Stan was in the family.  He was three months old at this point, so we called it the Stan-tastic Halloween party.

Reminder: This was one of about 150 photos I took during this little impromptu photo shoot we set up on the trundle bed in the nursery.  Actually, he was still sleeping in our room at this point, and we were sorting the Halloween decorations in there, which resulted in throwing together a few props.  This was the one shot where he looked like he might actually be scared of the spider.  In reality he was mostly chewing on the props.

2008: "13 Days Until Halloween" party

I just used eVite.com for the first Halloween party we threw in 2008, so I didn't make an invite picture to send out by email.  It just happened that our party was exactly thirteen days before Halloween, so that's what I called the event.


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