Halloween Party Activities and Conversation Pieces

I've begun to think about having activities and conversation pieces at my Halloween parties, not just static decorations.  I mean, I can do that, but here are some ideas that get your guests involved.  A lot of these are especially great for kids, but silly activities will engage adults too, especially if they're drunk!

Board games

Operation - This always comes to mind since it has a sort of Dr. Frankenstein theme to it.

Clue - An obvious choice, what with the murder theme and a creepy old house.

Boo-opoly - A Halloween-themed take on Monopoly.

Scooby Doo - has several board games and other activities.

The Munsters - They had board game in the '60s you can find on eBay.

The Addams Family - They had a board game as well, plus the '90s movie spawned additional merchandising.

The Other Side

Ouija board - Get Twitter-like messages from the other side.

Seance - Along the same lines as the Ouija board, you could summon spirits.  This would be especially fun if you added special effects to your crystal ball, sound effects, spooky music, etc.

Tarot card readings/Fortune telling/Palm readings - Requires someone to be in costume in this role for the night (or at least part of it), but whatever.  One of my friends does this annually anyway, and folks get a kick out of it.


Theremin - A musical instrument that has featured prominently in many sci-fi and horror film scores, especially during the '50s.  With added effects (e.g., delay/echo and reverb), you can set up something for guests to play around with.  It really doesn't require much talent to make interesting noises out of it.

Waterphone - Another unusual musical instrument that you've heard many times before without knowing it.  It shows up in tv/movie scores all the time in horror and (to a lesser extent) sci-fi works.  The instrument is relatively easy to experiment with.  The real things are somewhat expensive, but you can make your own if you're handy with metal-work.

Exotic petting zoo - Okay, you probably won't be able to pet them, but that's part of the joke.  Have a group of exotic animals: scorpions, tarantulas, snakes, crow/raven, black cat, etc. set up like a zoo.  Maybe it's a "Don't Pet Me" zoo.  I think this works great for a kids party provided the animals are supervised so the kids can't get into the cages.

Pumpkin Carving/Painting - Stick to painting small pumpkins if the party is for little kids; go with carving things if the party is for those old enough for those able to work with real knives without hurting anyone.

Scary-oke - Karaoke featuring popular Halloween songs.  Or just sing anything horribly in a horrifying manner.


Reach in the body for prizes - I saw this done with spaghetti poured into a hole in the ground with mannequin parts to "flesh" it out.  Inside the "body" were prizes the kids had to pull out of the "guts."

Severed Head Toss - Throw mannequin heads (latex masks stuffed with newspaper will work too) into a monster's mouth, open grave, etc.

Cake Walk - This is obvious, but the cakes would be Halloween-themed.  You could substitute cup cakes if it's a party for kids.

Scavenger Hunt - Give them a list of items to find around the house.  Could be candy or other Halloween-related items.

Apple Bobbing - It's tradition.  Even those Peanuts kids did it.

Getting Physical

Haunted Corn Maze - This doesn't require an actual corn field.  Set up poles with corn ears at the top to make a fake corn field with a path through it that the guests could navigate.

Haunted House - I leave this up to your imagination, but when I was a kid, I used to decorate the inside of a refrigerator box (set on its side, of course) and have neighborhood kids crawl through.  You can set it up with blacklight art of scary clowns, hanging props like bats, etc.

Bounce House - You can rent one that's Halloween-themed if you reserve it early enough.

Trick or Treating for candy and/or toys - Set up stations around the house or yard so that kids can Trick or Treat safely in a small area.

Pumpkin Spoon Race - Like an egg race, only with small pumpkins.


Hay Bale Theater - Set up hay bales in the yard at night and show classic horror movies on the side of the house/barn/fence/a white sheet/whatever from your laptop with a media projector.

Hay Rides - If you have a large enough back yard, tote the kids around on a cart attached to the back of the riding mower or ATV.

Haunted House Tour - Decorate some "off-limits" parts of the house (e.g., upstairs is great if you have a two-story), then take guests on tours with flashlights.  You can set up animatronics for scares, make up a fake history of the house,
etc.  I did something like this when our Halloween party doubled as a housewarming party.  It just made sense to give everyone a good tour.

Good Reads - I like to have Halloween-themed books all over.  For example:


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