October 32nd: All Sales Day!
For the rest of you, it's November 1st.  It's just another day and Halloween is over.  For me, it's a shopping spree.

Here's the 10/32/08 haul.  I think we hit everything from Fort Worth to Arlington and only quit out of exhaustion.

Dani crashed afterward.  Remember, we were at Liz's party until 3am the night before, then we took some last shots of our costumes after that before we went bed.

Romeo the pug is unphased.

And here's all the junk (excluding the candy) unpacked.

I wrote up a list of what all I bought and sent it to Shanna in case she wanted to borrow any.

The haul:
  • 2' diameter plastic cauldron
  • raven with wings up
  • strobe light - one really big and small (the size of the ones I put in the tvs).
  • raven with wings down
  • two torch baskets (the kind with red lights and a fan that blows the faux flame fabrics up; see the laundry room.)
  • severed arm (like the hand and foot I already had)
  • lantern (This became the top of the lamp post.)
  • plastic lock and chain like for a dungeon
  • Halloween-themed paper plates
  • large hanging ghouls, one like Shanna's where I colored the eyes with a highlighter for blacklight effects and another that's just a skeleton in a robe
  • glow in the dark spray (Never got to use it.  The can was clogged.  I noticed they didn't sell it the next year.)

  • six glow-in-the-dark plastic skulls.  (Most of these went on the roof.)
  • two more pumpkin lights like the kind I put in the tvs
  • bag of bones

  • small hanging puppet ghouls - witch, pumpkin, ghost, hooded skeleton, zombie
  • black rope spiderweb
  • board-style lumin disc (looks like something off the Borg ship on Star Trek)
  • bloody handprints that stick to the windows
  • dripping blood (same as above)
  • rubber rat
  • devil dog costume for the pug or maybe Gertie, our Boston Terrier foster.  Actually, Stan wore it briefly.
  • screw-in strobe light

And here's the candy.

All the loot goes in these candy jars (inherited from Dani's grandmother), and they last us until after Easter (when we refill anyway).

Then we pack it all back up again.

Teasing Romeo with the new light.

There's no better way to get a leg up on your race to get Type 2 diabetes than sales on the 32nd!

Here are the refilled candy jars at home atop the kitchen cabinets.

But what it's really all about for me are the props.

This wasn't as big a haul as last year, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  We hit two Targets, two Wal-marts, three Spirit stores, and a couple Halloween USAs.

I usually use Shanna's styrofoam gravestones, but they were practically giving these away at Walmart, so how could I resist?
  • two crows (one with wings up, one down)
  • undead laboratory technician
  • six little ghouls
  • a fresh gallon of fog juice
  • spider that drops down on you
  • tattered fabric
  • cat pinata
  • spider web
  • cobwebs

  • replacement fog machine
  • spider party plate
  • another glowing skull
  • window clings

The prop Plo Koon lightsaber isn't anything to do with Halloween so much as just me being a Star Wars nerd.

The irony is that after the shopping spree, I come home with things I only get to box up.  Here we're packing up both the old and the new, none of which will be seen again until next year.

I didn't bring in much of a haul this year.  A lot of candy, yes, as always, but otherwise all I bought was:
  • 1000W fogger.  The 400W one I used in the front yard for the flying saucer was pitiful.
  • A pair of latex/foam hands to use in a specimen jar in next year's mad scientist lab.
  • A flask full of candy, again, for the "lab."
  • Another raven... because you can't have too many.
  • A goblet that says "Wicked" for Leiann because she likes the musical.
  • Oh, and a box of Frankenberry cereal.


I brought home a lot less than usual this year, mainly because I still had a lot of candy in the house from last year, plus other things in the candy jars like nuts and whatnot.

Here's the latest assortment of gummy body parts: eyes, teeth (which were not gummy, actually), a finger, brain, ear, and nose.

I also picked up a set of gummy eyes.  They were mostly like the three on the left.  The other two were odd ones in the lot: sugar coated versions of the others.

I also picked up this set of Halloween-themed Hot Wheels cars.  More about them in the Halloween Toys section of the site, assuming I get around to building those pages by the time you read this!

Here's the 2011 haul:
  • Two cheap skeletons (in the bags on either side)
  • Five cheap (vinyl) skulls (in the front)
  • Three resin skulls (back row)
  • 13 black roses
  • Another crow
  • A pack of Halloween-themed Hot Wheels cars (plus another one called the Skull Crusher)
  • A can of glow-in-the-dark spray
  • Some Halloween-themed toys for next-year's kid party
  • A pair of ground-breaker hands
  • A set of Halloween-themed Hot Wheels cars (More about them in the Halloween Toys section of the site)


Copyright 2008-2012 Alexplorer.  Thanks to AleC for coining the post-holiday holiday as "October 32nd."