October 32nd: All Sales Day!
Credit for the term "October 32nd" goes to AleC, my Canadian ex-girlfriend Katherine's husband.  We were discussing how Halloween doesn't really end until the next day.  Canada has Boxing Day after Christmas... so why can't Halloween have something equivalent?  AleC coined it: October 32nd it is!  Technically, "All Souls Day" is November 2nd, but we're going to call it "All Sales Day" when November 1st hits.

Even after all the partying and Trick or Treating on Halloween night (especially on those years the 31st falls on a weekend), we still have to get up early the next morning for the November 1st sales.  It's like the punctuation at the end of the season, and so it doesn't feel like it's the next month; it

We live in the DFW metroplex, so it's only a short drive to any store, and we usually hit two or three of each of the following:

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