Lovecraft: The essential extra writings

I've covered a lot of the Lovecraft volumes that make up what I call a "Lovecraft library."  There are many short story collections, but several of the volumes from Arkham house, while potentially expensive and hard to come by, contain plenty other writings that are of interest to Lovecraft fans.

Personally, I think the annotated collections are the best way to explore his fiction, and the "Complete Fiction" leatherbound "collectible classics" volume collects the few stories missed by the Penguin annotated collections (more about them here).  If you have those, then you have all the stories, and we can start looking at Lovecraft collections that contain other items you'll want.

Btw, there's a good list of noteworthy HPL collections here:

I've pulled out five of these that should be on your wishlist precisely because they contain far more than short stories you can get elsewhere (and usually properly edited).

In chronological order of their publication, here's the list:
Something About Cats and Other Pieces
The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces
The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces
Miscellaneous Writings

Text below is modified from Wikipedia entries:

Marginalia (1944)

This is a collection of Fantasy, Horror and Science fiction short stories, essays, biography and poetry by and about the American author H. P. Lovecraft.  It was released in 1944 and was the third collection of Lovecraft's work published by Arkham House.  2,035 copies were printed.  The contents of this volume were selected by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei.  The dust-jacket art is a reproduction of Virgil Finlay's illustration for Lovecraft's story "The Shunned House."


    "Foreword" by August Derleth & Donald Wandrei
    "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs" (with Harry Houdini)
    "Medusa's Coil" (with Zealia Brown (Reed) Bishop)
    "Winged Death" (with Hazel Heald)
    "The Man of Stone" (with Hazel Heald)
    "Notes on the Writing of Weird Fiction"
    "Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction"
    "Lord Dunsany and His Work"
    "Heritage or Modernism: Common Sense in Art Forms"
    "Some Backgrounds of Fairyland"
    "Some Causes of Self-Immolation"
    "A Guide to Charleston, South Carolina"
    "Observations on Several Parts of North America"
    "The Beast in the Cave"
    "The Transition of Juan Romero"
    "The Book"
    "The Descendant"
    "The Very Old Folk"
    "The Thing in the Moonlight"
    "Two Comments"
    "His Own Most Fantastic Creation" by Winfield Townley Scott
    "Some Random Memories" by Frank Belknap Long
    "H. P. Lovecraft: An Appreciation" by T. O. Mabbott
    "The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H. P. Lovecraft" by R. H. Barlow
    "Lovecraft and Science" by Kenneth Sterling
    "Lovecraft as a Formative Influence" by August Derleth
    "The Dweller in Darkness" by Donald Wandrei
    "To Howard Phillips Lovecraft" by Clark Ashton Smith
    "H.P.L." by Henry Kuttner
    "Lost Dream" by Emil Petaja
    "To Howard Phillips Lovecraft" by Francis Flagg
    "Elegy: In Providence the Spring ..." by August Derleth
    "From the Outsider: H. P. Lovecraft" by Charles E. White
    "In Memoriam: H. P. Lovecraft" by Richard Ely Morse

Something About Cats and Other Pieces (1949)

This is a collection of fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories, poetry and essays by H. P. Lovecraft.  It was released in 1949 and was the fourth collection of Lovecraft's work published by Arkham House.  The stories for this volume were selected by August Derleth.


    "A Prefatory Note" by August Derleth
    "The Invisible Monster" by Sonia Greene
    "Four O'Clock" by Sonia Greene
    "The Horror in the Burying Ground" by Hazel Heald
    "The Last Test" by Adolphe de Castro
    "The Electric Executioner" by Adolphe de Castro
    "Satan's Servants" by Robert Bloch.  Note: This tale is sometime listed as 'revised' by Lovecraft, as indeed, it was presented here.  However, while Lovecraft lent advice on this early tale of Bloch's (which was first written 1935) he does not appear to have written any prose in the story.  Lovecraft's notes amounting to a page and half of comments and suggestions are printed here as an appendix.
    "The Despised Pastoral"
    "Time and Space"
    "Merlinus Redivivus"
    "At the Root"
    "The Materialist Today"
    "Vermont: A First Impression"
    "The Battle That Ended the Century"
    "Notes for The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
    "Discarded Draught of The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
    "Notes for At the Mountains of Madness"
    "Notes for The Shadow Out of Time"
    "To the American Flag"
    "To a Youth"
    "My Favorite Character"
    "To Templeton and Mount Manadnock"
    "The House"
    "The City"
    "The Po-et's Nightmare"
    "Sir Thomas Tryout"
    "Lament for the Vanished Spider"
    "Regnar Lodbrug's Epicedium"
    "A Memoir of Lovecraft" by Rheinhart Kleiner
    "Howard Phillips Lovecraft" by Samuel Loveman
    "Lovecraft as I Knew Him" by Sonia Greene (as by Sonia H. Davis)
    "Lovecraft's Sensitivity" by August Derleth
    "Lovecraft's Conservative" by August Derleth
    "The Man Who Was Lovecraft" by E. Hoffmann Price
    "A Literary Copernicus" by Fritz Leiber, Jr.
    "Providence: Two Gentlemen Meet at Midnight" by August Derleth
    "HPL" by Vincent Starrett

The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces (1959)

This is an anthology fantasy, horror short stories, essays and memoirs by Lovecraft and others.  It was released in 1959 by Arkham House in an edition of 2,527 copies and was the fifth collection of Lovecraft's work to be released by Arkham House.  August Derleth, the owner of Arkham House, and an admirer and literary executor to Lovecraft, edited the collection and wrote the title story, "The Shuttered Room", as well as another story, "The Fisherman of Falcon Point" from lines of story ideas left by Lovecraft after his death. Derleth billed himself as a "posthumous collaborator."


    "Foreword" by August Derleth
    "The Shuttered Room" by August Derleth (inspired by notes by H.P. Lovecraft)
    "The Fisherman of Falcon Point" by August Derleth (inspired by notes by H.P. Lovecraft)
        "The Little Glass Bottle" by HPL
        "The Secret Cave" by HPL
        "The Mystery of the Graveyard" by HPL
        "The Mysterious Ship" by HPL
        "The Alchemist" by HPL
        "Poetry and the Gods" by HPL
        "The Street" by HPL
    "Old Bugs" by HPL
    "Idealism and Materialism: A Reflection" by HPL
    "The Commonplace Book of H. P. Lovecraft" annotated by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei
    "Lovecraft in Providence" by Donald Wandrei
    "Lovecraft as Mentor" by August Derleth
    "Out of the Ivory Tower" by Robert Bloch
    "Three Hours With H. P. Lovecraft" by Dorothy C. Walter
    "Memories of a Friendship" by Alfred Galpin
    "Homage to H. P. Lovecraft" by Felix Stefanile
    "H.P.L." by Clark Ashton Smith
    "Lines to H. P. Lovecraft" by Joseph Payne Brennan
    "Revenants" by August Derleth
    "The Barlow Tributes" by R.H. Barlow
    "H. P. Lovecraft: The Books" by Lin Carter
    "H. P. Lovecraft: The Gods" by Lin Carter
    "Addendum: Some Observations on the Carter Glossary" by T.G.L. Cockcroft
    "Notes on the Cthulhu Mythos" by George T. Wetzel
    "Lovecraft's First Book" by William L. Crawford
    "Dagon" by HPL
    "The Strange High House in the Mist" by HPL
    "The Outsider" by HPL

The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces (1966)

This is a collection of stories, poems and essays by American author H. P. Lovecraft and others, edited by August Derleth. It was released in 1966 by Arkham House in an edition of 3,460 copies. The dustjacket is by Frank Utpatel.  Some controversy was raised by the publication of the Chalker bibliography (see below), as George T. Wetzel claimed with some plausibility that Chalker had pirated Wetzel's own bibliography of 1955.


    "Introduction" by August Derleth
    "The Dark Brotherhood" by HPL and August Derleth
    "Suggestions for a Reading Guide" by HPL
    "Alfredo" by HPL
    "Amateur Journalism: Its Possible Needs and Betterment" by HPL
    "What Belongs in Verse" by HPL
    Six Poems by HPL
        "Mother Earth"
        "On a Battlefield in France"
    Three Stories by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
        "The Loved Dead"
        "Deaf, Dumb, and Blind"
        "The Ghost-Eater"
    "The Lovecraft "Books": Some Addenda and Corrigenda" by William Scott Home
    "To Arkham and the Stars" by Fritz Leiber
    "Through Hyperspace With Brown Jenkin" by Fritz Leiber
    "Lovecraft and the New England Megaliths" by Andrew E. Rothovius
    "Howard Phillips Lovecraft: A Bibliography" by Jack L. Chalker
    "Walks With H. P. Lovecraft" by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
    "The Cancer of Superstition" by C. M. Eddy, Jr.
    "The Making of a Hoax" by August Derleth
    "Lovecraft's Illustrators" by John E. Vetter
    "Final Notes" by August Derleth

Miscellaneous Writings (1995)

This is a collection of short stories, essays and letters by author H. P. Lovecraft. It was released in 1995 by Arkham House in an edition of 4,959 copies. The volume was originally conceived by August Derleth and ultimately edited by S.T. Joshi with input from James Turner.


    "Introduction" by S.T. Joshi
    I. Dreams and Fancies
        "The Little Glass Bottle"
        "The Secret Cave"
        "The Mystery of the Grave-Yard"
        "The Mysterious Ship"
        "A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson"
        "Old Bugs"
        "Ex Oblivione"
        "What the Moon Brings"
        "Sweet Ermengarde"
        "The Very Old Folk"
        "History of the Necronomicon"
        Discarded Draft of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
        "The Battle That Ended the Century" (with R.H. Barlow)
        "Collapsing Cosmoses" (with R.H. Barlow)
        "The Challenge From Beyond" (with C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard and Frank Belknap Long) [only Lovecraft's contribution to the story]
    II. The Weird Fantasist
        "Commonplace Book"
        "Lord Dunsany and His Work"
        "Notes on Writing Weird Fiction"
        "Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction"
        "In Memoriam: Robert E. Howard"
    III. Mechanistic Materialist
        "Idealism and Materialism—A Reflection"
        "Life for Humanity's Sake"
        "In Defense of Dagon"
        "Nietzscheism and Realism"
        "The Materialist Today"
        "Some Causes of Self-Immolation"
        "Heritage or Modernism: Common Sense in Art Forms"
    IV. Literary Critic
        "Metrical Regularity"
        "The Vers Libre Epidemic"
        "The Case for Classicism"
        "Literary Composition"
        "Ars Gratia Artis"
        "The Poetry of Lilian Middleton"
        "Rudis Indigestaque Moles"
        "In the Editor's Study"
        "The Professional Incubus"
        "The Omnipresent Philistine"
        "What Belongs in Verse"
    V. Political Theorist
        "The Crime of the Century"
        "More Chain Lightning"
        "Old England and the 'Hyphen'"
        "Revolutionary Mythology"
        "The League"
        "Some Repetitions on the Times"
    VI. Antiquarian Travels
        "Vermont—A First Impression"
        "Observations on Several Parts of America"
        "Travels in the Provinces of America"
        "An Account of Charleston"
        "Some Dutch Footprints in New England"
        "Homes and Shrines of Poe"
    VII. Amateur Journalist
        "In a Major Key"
        "The Dignity of Journalism"
        "Symphony and Stress"
        "United Amateur Press Association: Exponent of Amateur Journalism"
        "A Reply to The Lingerer"
        "Les Mouches Fantastiques"
        "For What Does the United Stand?"
        "Amateur Journalism: Its Possible Needs and Betterment"
        "What Amateurdom and I have Done for Each Other"
        "Lucubrations Lovecraftian"
        "A Matter of Uniteds"
        "Mrs. Miniter—-Estimates and Recollections"
        "Some Current Motives and Practices"
    VIII. Epistolarian
        "Trans-Neptunian Planets"
        "The Earth Not Hollow"
        "To The All-Story Weekly"
        "Science versus Charlatanry"
        "The Fall of Astrology"
        "To Edwin Baird"
        "To Edwin Baird"
        "The Old Brick Row"
        "To Nils H. Frome"
    IX. Personal
        "The Brief Autobiography of an Inconsequential Scribbler"
        "Within the Gates"
        "A Confession of Unfaith"
        "Commercial Blurbs"
        "Cats and Dogs"
        "Some Notes on a Nonentity"


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