Lights: A primer for Halloween
Lights are an important and usually overlooked component of Halloween.  I keep seeing bad and unimaginative applications of lighting.  Here is a primer on different types of lights and what you can do with them.

Note: When at all possible, don't bother with incandescent lights.  They're hotter than fluorescents or LEDs and in some cases will melt anything around them if you're going to use them in or near props.  It's worth it to spend a little more for the modern technologies, and often those will have additional advantages beyond the obvious things relating to efficiency (e.g., less heat, last longer, and cheaper to operate).  Their efficiency is even more relevant for your home lighting.  If you haven't already, switch over to CFLs or even LEDs throughout your house.

Further reading: Special Effects

There are a variety of circuits and modifications you can employ to create additional effects.


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