My Halloween and Horror Library

I organized this page into sections based on the medium of each work.  It's probably a misnomer to call it my library since I include books I have since sold, but it's Halloween-related and horror literature I've read and/or have (and plan to read, in some cases), so it's my past, present, future (and electronic) Halloween and Horror library.  (Yes, I have other books than these, but no one looking up this page wants a list of the home-improvement books, for example.)

Electronic library


Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1823) - Mary Shelley.  Regarded as the first science fiction novel, it had spawned numerous adaptations (plays, films) both before and after the iconic 1931 film version starring Boris Karloff.  Full text online:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) - Victor Hugo.
Full text:

House of the Seven Gables (1851) - Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Full text:

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) - Robert Louis Stevenson.
Full text:

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891) - Oscar Wilde.
Full text:

Dracula (1897) - Bram Stoker.
Full text:

Lair of the White Worm (1911) - Bram Stoker.
Full text:

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (The Phantom of the Opera) (1909-1911) - Gaston Leroux.
Full text:

Time Machine (1895) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

The Invisible Man (1897) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

War of the Worlds (1898) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

First Men in the Moon (1901) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth (1904) - H.G. Wells.
Full text:

Short stories

The Vampyre (1819) - John William Polidori short story or novella that was the first to synthesize many mythic elements into what we would recognize as the modern vampire.  Full text:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820) - Washington Irving.  The original telling of the story of the Headless Horseman.  Full text:

The Monkey's Paw (1902) - W. W. Jacobs.  You probably read this one in junior high along with Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart" as an example of suspenseful writing.  Full text:

Dracula's Guest (1914) - Bram Stoker.  Sometimes considered a lost chapter of the more famous novel.  Debate continues about its relation to the original story.  Full text:

H.P. Lovecraft - I have all his fiction as well as a few essays and even some of his poetry.  These can be found any number of places around the web.  See my page on Halloween and horror literature for links.  I also have a lot of the annotated editions and other books in and about the mythos.  See the "fiction" section.

Audio books

H.P. Lovecraft: Dark Worlds - This series of audio "books" (they're all short stories with the exception of the last volume) are read by Wayne June.  It's probably the best pairing of a reader with the material.  Absolutely perfect.  Lovecraft's infamously hyperbolic narration (i.e., the frequent mix of shock, horror, disgust, disbelief) are delivered perfectly by June.  Maybe you'll find it too melodramatic, but I loved it.

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.1
The Call Of Cthulhu
The Dunwich Horror

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.2
The Shadow Over Innsmouth

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.3
Herbert West Reanimator
The Horror At Red Hook
The Outsider
The Statement Of Randolph Carter

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.4
The Music of Erich Zann
The Rats in the Walls
The Shunned House

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.5
Haunter of the Dark
The Lurking Fear
The Thing on the Doorstep

H.P. Lovecraft - Dark Worlds vol.6
At the Mountains of Madness

I also have loads of other readings from Librivox and from YouTube users such as Morgan Scorpion.  In fact, I think I have at least one reading of every solo piece by Lovecraft from one reader or another, plus occasional other works such as audio plays and documentaries.

Edgar Allan Poe - This collection of five volumes is actually from a couple sources that were repackaged into this series.  The first three volumes are read by Basil Rathbone (known best for playing Sherlock Holmes but who also starred in Universal's production of The Black Cat).  The last two volumes are read by Vincent Price (who was known for his many Poe adaptations with Roger Corman).

Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. 1
City in the Sea
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Haunted Palace
The Pit and the Pendulum

Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. 2
The Mask of the Red Death
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Black Cat

Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. 3
The Raven
The Facts of the Case of M.  Valdemar
The Cask of Amontillado
The Bells
Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. 4
The Imp of the Perverse

Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. 5
The Gold Bug

Clive Barker - I don't own any of his audiobooks, but growing up, my local library had copies of several of his works, including:

The Hellbound Heart -
This was read by Barker himself!  The print version wasn't available in the US at the time (or at least I never found a copy until it was reprinted here long after he was an established author).

They also had stories from The Inhuman Condition and In the Flesh on tape, which I listened to as well out of curiosity, even though I had already read those collections.

Librivox recordings - Many classic novels and short stories can be found through this site.  Like I say above, I have quite a few from H.P. Lovecraft, as well as the original Frankenstein and Dracula.

YouTube - I found a lot of amateur and professional recordings on here, especially out-of-print audiobooks and readings of more obscure works.  Many of these by
amateurs were as good or better than those by professionals.  I won't post a tutorial here, but there are plug-ins that allow you to download the videos, then you can rip them as mp3s (I use Any Audio Converter) for listening on your iPod or whatever.

Comic Books/Magazines

All of these are CBR files.  I sold off my physical collection of comics years ago, though I have a few trade paperbacks, some of which are listed on this page.  I also have several relatively recent issues of Scary Monsters and Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Aliens series - The best blend of sci-fi and horror to date.
Aliens - Alchemy 1-3
Aliens - Hive
Aliens - Music of the Spears - 1-2
Aliens - Platinum Edition
Aliens - Rogue 1-4
Aliens vs Predator - The Deadliest of the Species 1-12
Aliens vs Predator - War 0-4
Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator

Clive Barker - He's been involved with far more than these, but I mainly collected just the Hellraiser and Nightbreed projects.
Book of the Damned I - IV
The Thief of Always
Hellraiser - 1-20
Hellraiser - Dark Holiday Special
Hellraiser - Spring Slaughter
Hellraiser - Summer Special
Hellraiser - Nightbreed - Jihad 1-2
Pinhead mini-series - 1-4
Nightbreed - complete series
Great and Secret Show - 1-12

EC Comics - I have full runs for all the classic horror comics: Crime SuspenStories, Crypt of Terror, Shock Suspenstories, Shock Suspenstories, Tales From The Crypt, The Haunt Of Fear, and Vault of Horror.  Update: I've since gotten the complete output of all EC Comics.

Epic Illustrated - Complete series.
Heavy Metal - Mostly complete series (including the specials).
Alien Encounters - Complete series.
Alien Worlds - Complete series.
Twilight Zone - Complete series.
Twisted Tales - Complete series.
Gore Shriek - Complete runs of both volumes of this short-lived horror series.

Warren magazines
Famous Monsters of Filmland - Most issues from the original run.
Creepy - Most issues.
Eerie - Most issues.
Vampirella - Most issues.
Monster World - Most issues.

Graphic novels and series
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children - Complete series 1-30
From Hell - The complete series by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein (1983)
H. P. Lovecraft - Graphic Classics
H. P. Lovecraft - The Dunwich Horror (2011)
H. P. Lovecraft - Graphic novel
H.P. Lovecraft - At The Mountains Of Madness
Someplace Strange - An Epic graphic novel illustrated by John Bolton.
Stray Toasters - This TPB collects 1-4 of the imaginative and dark series written(!) and beautifully and abstractly painted by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Vampyres 1-2 - Another Bill Sienkiewicz mini-series (portfolios, actually) published by Epic.



Edgar Allan Poe -
I have a leatherbound copy of his complete works.

Dracula by Bram Stoker - A nice hardback Leiann gave me.

Robert Louis Stevenson - Another leatherbound volume from the same series of collected works.  This one contains The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) among other novels.

Stephen King - Cycle of the Werewolf (illustrations by Berni Wrightson)

Dune by Frank Herbert - Collectible Easton Press edition.

Charlaine Harris -
Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas (also Club Dead, but I haven't finished it).

Short story anthologies
October Dreams (Halloween short story anthology)

Classic Horror Stories (B&N collectible volume)


He gets his own section because there's just too much to spread around into other sections otherwise.  Admittedly, there are still references to these and a few other Lovecraft-related pieces elsewhere on this page because I'm torn between the choice of gathering them all in one place under this heading or leaving them under their own by medium/genre.  If you're interested in collecting Lovecraft (and related) books, check out my page about A Lovecraft Library.


Annotated editions - I had already read almost all the works by this point, but the background and connections are an added dimension, so I collected all the annotated volumes, especially the revisions and collaborations, which I didn't have in print up to that point.  I discuss these on this page.

Influences and influencees

The Cthulhu Mythos

I should try to organize this list better by topic (e.g., sci-fi anthologies, collections by author, built around specific stories, etc., but there's a lot out there)


Comics Adaptations

Role-playing and other games

Art and Pop culture

Amphigory Again - Edward Gorey.  Another volume of collected works.

HR Giger - More about these here. Charles Addams and The Addams Family
Too Much Horror Business - Kirk Hammett and Steffan Chirazi.  See my review of it here.

Cryptic Collectibles (2015) - About monster toys/collectibles.  Compiled and published by Rue Morgue magazine.

Horrifyingly Mad - A collection of horror-related pages from Mad Magazine, especially the film satires, all arranged chronologically.  Movies parodied include: Alien, The Shining, Poltergeist, Jaws, Jaws II, The Exorcist, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Psycho II, The Omen, one of the Halloween sequels, The Amityville Horror, Rosemary's Baby, Ghostbusters II, The Witches of Eastwick, Alien Ressurection, Predator, The Sixth Sense, Godzilla, Scream, Van Helsing, The Green Mile, Interview with the Vampire, Frankenstein (Kenneth Branaugh version), and several tv series: Buffy, Angel, and Dexter.

Mad About Star Wars - Similar to the above in that it's a collection of many of the Star Wars features that appeared in the magazine, particularly the movie parodies.  Interestingly, it's also annotated with hindsight-rich factoids.

The Horror!  The Horror! - A collection of essays about and excepts from '50s horror comics.  It perhaps over-analyzes some aspects of the phenomenon, but there is a good history on the subject if you can read around the intellectualization of the material.

Horror Hosts
Television Horror Movie Hosts: 68 Vampires, Mad Scientists and Other Denizens of the Late-Night Airwaves Examined and Interviewed by Elena M. Watson - This is a great overview and resourse.  See my review/overview here.

The Zacherley Scrapbook by John Skerchock - About the horror host.

Zacherley for President (Again) by John Skerchock - Silly book filled with great vintage photos.  More about both books here.

The Z Files: Treasures from Zacherley's Archives by Richard Scrivani.

H.R. Giger's Alien - Authored by the designer himself.  Mostly illustrations/painting, but the text is from Giger's diaries during the production of the movie, making it a very informative document of the process as much as an overview after the fact.  (Update: This also doubles as a companion to Prometheus in that many of these designs (including -most notably- the rejected ones!) were included in that film.)

Alien: Vault - An in-depth "making of" book.  Contains a lot of the artwork and behind-the-scenes stories about the process of designing and filming the movie.

Note: More Giger books in the "Art" section that include works that influenced Alien.

Rocky Horror
Rocky Horror Picture Show (1979) - A book about the movie released when the phenomenon was just getting started and the memories about the making-of were still fresh!

Rocky Horror Show score - The sheet music to the stage production, although it's almost exactly what's on film.

Star Wars
Star Wars: Year By Year - A chronological history of Star Wars in pop culture: The films, toys, "expanded universe" projects, etc.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about the series, and even I found a few fresh items here.  It's also a beautiful book.  (Present from Dani for xmas in 2012.)

The Illustrated Star Wars Universe - The art is by the incomparable Ralph McQuarrie.  It's beautiful and gives a raw look at his first pass at the vision before others attempted to translate them to film.  Unfortunately, the text is by Kevin J. Anderson.  It's an interesting exercise in fiction to give a guide to various locations from the perspective of different characters, but I just didn't care for it.

Star Wars: The Visual Dictionaries:
Original Trilogy - They could/should have expanded this into a larger book or three books (one for each movie) instead of cramming so much on a page.  The volumes for the other movies have much better layouts.
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - These are full of great close-ups of the costumes and props.  Several have text composed from an anthropological perspective.
Star Wars: Force Awakens

The Art of... series
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode I: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Note: I used to have a lot more Star Wars-related books, but I unloaded a lot of it when I was in grad school.  They included:
The Radio Dramatizations: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi by Brian Daley
The Making of Episode I: The Phantom Menace by Laurent Bouzereau and Jody Duncan
The Making of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Jonathan Rinzler
Empire Building: The Remarkable Real-Life Story of Star Wars by Garry Jenkins
The Annotated Screenplays by Laurent Bouzereau


Science Fiction in the 20th Century - Giant coffee tablebook book Dani bought me for xmas.

The Wizardry of Oz: The Artistry and Magic of the 1939 MGM Classic (2004; original = 1999) by Jay Scarfone and William Stillman

The Dracula Scrapbook (1976)
- Peter Haining and Christopher Lee

Monsters in the Movies - John Landis

Macabre II (interviews with Clive Barker and Stephen King)

Scared: How to Draw Fantastic Horror Comic Characters
- Steve Miller and Bryan Baugh

Children's Books

A lot of what I'm including on this section might belong in other categories on this page, but these are all in Stan's bedroom as of this writing.  Bold titles are recommended reading.  Note: I don't update this list as often as I should.  It's just too easy to buy it and forget to jot down the title before bringing it upstairs.  In other words, there are more than these.

Movie Monsters - Alan Ormsby -
I remember getting a copy of this in 3rd grade through one of those Scholastic book order things we always did.  It was a huge influence on me, although I was already nuts about Halloween.  I only found the title again after seeing it mentioned in a Halloween blog.  It's a kid's book about monster make-up and how to put on horror shows written by a Hollywood professional and beautifully illustrated by the author.  You can find a scanned copy of it here:

A Drop of Blood - Paul Showers and Edward Miller - A great way to introduce the biology of blood by using Dracula as an instructor.

A Job For Wittilda - Caralyn and Mark Buehner

A Visit to the Haunted House - Dean Walley and Arlene Noel - Very cute pop-up book.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - Judith Viorst and Ray Cruz

Aliens in Underpants Save the World - Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

Barry B. Wary - Leslie Muir and Carrie Gifford

Beneath the Ghost Moon - Jane Yolen and Laurel Molk

Big Pumpkin - Erica Silverman and S.D. Schindler

Castle of Fear by Patrick Burston

Cinderella Skeleton - Robert D. San Souci and David Catrow -
Great re-telling of the story of
Cinderella, only from a maccabre angle, plus in verse (albeit with a rhyme scheme I wasn't crazy about: ABCCDDB... which makes it difficult to land that last rhyme to coincide with the word from five lines up), plus with excellent paintings.

Clifford and the Halloween Parade - Norman Bridwell

Clifford's Halloween - Norman Bridwell

Curious George goes to a Costume Party - Margret Rey (Author), H. A. Rey (Creator)

Dracula's Tomb - Colin McNaughton

Garfield's Scary Tales - Short stories.

Golem - David Wisniewski

Gus and the Baby Ghost - Jane Thayer and Seymour Fleishman

How to Potty Train Your Monster - Kelly S. DiPucchio and Michael Moon

How to Zap Zombies (How to Banish Fears) by Catherine Leblanc and Roland Garrigue

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Charles M. Schulz

Kraken Attack - Mike Brownlow/Conina Fletcher

Litterbugs Come in Every Size - Norah Smaridge and Charles Bracke

Mommy? - Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorinks, and Matthew Reinhart.  An amazing pop-up book.  Probably the best one I have ever seen, both on a technical level and in terms of how well it worked for us as a story.  (I'm avoiding a spoiler, but Stan really enjoyed a personal connection.)

Monster Mish Mash - Alfred Perry

Monster Munchies  - Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans

One-Minute Scary Stories - Shari Lewis and Lan O'Kun

Pennywhistle Halloween Book by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar

Sam and the Firefly - P. D. Eastman

Scary, Scary Halloween - Eve Bunting and Jan Brett.  I love everything about this book.  It has a wonderful text, beautiful art, a nice twist at the end, and I think it perfectly and concisely sums up so much about Halloween itself.

Scooby Doo and You: The Case of the Theater Phantom - Vicki Erwin

Scooby Doo Picture Book #18: The Surf Scare

Scooby Doo Picture Book #9: Snow Ghost

Scooby Doo Storybook Collection - Jesse Leon McCann

Skeleton Hiccups - Margery Cuylet and S.D. Schindler

Spooky Mad Libs - Roger Price and Leonard Stern

Spooky Tricks (1968) by Wyler and Ames and Talivaldis Stubis

Stellaluna - Janell Cannon.  This was a gift when our Stella Nova was born.  Technically, her name is Stella Nova Xela Luna Ray.

Swamp Monsters by Mary Blount Christian and Marc Brown

Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story - Andy Rash - A very cute, hip story you can teach your little zombie to count with, so long as you don't object to gruesome violence in cartoon form.  Stan loved it.  Highly recommended.  A great way to work on counting and anticipating rhymes.

Terrible Tuesday - Hazel Townson and Tony Ross

The Haunted House (Walt Disney) (Golden Books)

The Friendly Witch - Rachel Elliot and Leo Broadley

The Frogs and Their Monster - Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

The Ghouls Come Haunting One by One - Tome McDermott and Liz McGrath

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving (Author), Michael Garland (Illustrator)

There's a Monster at the End of this Book - Jon Stone and illustrated by Mike Smollin -
A Sesame Street book in which Grover warns us why we shouldn't turn the next page.

The Night Before Halloween - Natasha Wing and Cynthia Fisher

The Scaredy Cats and the Haunted House - Cindy Wheeler

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon - Mike Thaler and Jared Lee

The Warthog's Tail - Debby Atwell

The Witch's Child - Arthur Yorinks and Jos. A. Smith

There's Something There!: Three Bedtime Classics - Mercer Mayer

Trick or Treat - Louis Slobodkin

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet - Diane de Groat

We Are Monsters - Mary Packard and John Magine

What was I Scared of?: A Glow-in-the-Dark Encounter - Dr.
Seuss - A unique book among Seuss' works in that it literally glow in the dark (or under a black light)!.

What's up in the Attic (with Bert and Ernie) (Golden Books)

Who Said Boo?: A Lift-the-Flap Book - Phyllis Root and Ana Martín Larrañaga

Bats at the Library (A Bat Book) by Brian Lies


The Scholatic monster series -
I cover these on this Recommended Reading page.
Mythical Monsters: The Scariest Creatures from Legends, Books, and Movies - Chris McNab (2006)
Dragons: Fearsome Monsters from Myth and Fiction - Gerrie McCall (Editor) (2007)
Unicorns: Magical Creatures from Myth and Fiction - Mia Di Francesco (2007)
Monsters and Villains of the Movies and Literature - Gerrie McCall (Author) (2008)
Cryptids and Other Creepy Creatures: The World of Unsolved Mysteries - John D. Wright (2009)
Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies Paperback - Lisa Regan (Author) (2009)
Monsters in the Night - Lisa Regan (2010)
Mythical Monsters: Legendary, Fearsome Creatures - Gerrie McCall and Chris McNab (2011)
World's Worst Monsters & Villains Scary Creatures of Myth, Folklore, and Fiction - Kieron Connolly (Author) (2012)
Stories of the Constellations - Kieron Connolly (2013)

Alienology - Prof. Allen Gray

The Monster Manual: A Complete Guide to your Favorite Creatures - Erich Ballinger

Novels/Chapter Books

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith

Clue #10: The Screaming Skeleton - A.E. Parker
Clue #13: Revenge of the Mummy - A.E. Parker

Fear Street: The Surprise Party - R.L. Stine

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

Fright Time: 3 Spine-Tingling Tales for Young Readers - 3 authors

Ghosts of Fear Street #25: Halloween Bugs Me - R.L. Stine

Goosebumps: A Shocker on Shock Street - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: Calling All Creeps - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: How I Got My Shrunken Head - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: Legend of the Lost Legend - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: Monster Blood - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: More Tales to Give you Goosebumps (10 short stories) - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena - R.L. Stine
Goosebumps: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp - R.L. Stine
More about these on this Recommended Reading page.

Terror Academy: Spring Break - Nicholas Pine

The Best Halloween Ever - Barbara Robinson

The Thief of Always - Clive Barker

Long gone

I sold off almost all the physical copies of books I had already read back when I was in grad school.  I wanted to be more mobile, and my thinking was "Books are heavy, and I've already read these."  Some I wish I had back.

Clive Barker - The movie Hellraiser brought his name to my attention, and I picked up a discounted copy of his first novel The Damnation Game shortly thereafter.  He has terrific ability with language (maybe because composing everything longhand gives him the time to select the most choice words?  That's my hypothesis anyway), but I thought his later novels were anti-climactic and took too long to develop into anything.
Books of Blood vol 1 (1984)
Books of Blood vol 2 (1984)
Books of Blood vol 3 (1985)
The Damnation Game (1985)
The Inhuman Condition (1987)
In the Flesh (1987)
Weaveworld (1987)
Cabal (1988)
The Great and Secret Show (1989)
Imajica (1991)
The Thief of Always (1992)
Incarnations: Three Plays (1995)
Forms of Heaven: Three Plays (1996)
Sacrament (1996)
Galilee (1998)
Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story (2001)

Thomas Harris - I read these in high school when Silence of the Lambs was coming out and was being promoted heavily.  I actually hate the movie (other than the actors' performances) because it's so over-the-top (e.g., Lecter's cell looks like a monster's cave blocked by plexiglass; it's just silly).
Red Dragon (1981)
The Silence of the Lambs (1988)
Hannibal (1999) (Actually, I never owned this; I got it from the library.  I personally think it's the best of the series, although the movie chickened out just like Jodie Foster did.  Tthe adaptation doesn't do it justice.)
Hannibal Rising - Recenytly picked up a copy of this shortest of the series.

Chuck Palahniuk - Yes, I started reading him after seeing Fight Club, but he has proven to be a surprisingly talented author capable of shifting across styles and genres, including some very experimental approachs that worked out very well.  I've read everything by him except for the most recent novel(s), but I'm only listing his so-called "horror trilogy" (which aren't related other than stylistically) and Damned (which is set in Hell and features numerous demons).  I sold the books I owned, though I got most of his from the library.
Lullaby (2002)
Diary (2003)
Haunted (2005)
Damned (2011)
Doomed (2014) (Actually, I do own this one.)
(Note: His book Invisible Monsters doesn't fall under the heading of horror literature, despite its title.  It's a good read though, as are most of his novels.  Actually, Diary isn't very good, or at least no one likes it as much as the others.)

Misc. - I also owned/read a few things by Anne Rice, Stephen King, etc. in addition to a lot of sci-fi (Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and very nearly everything by Frank Herbert).  I won't list that all out here, especially since it's disproportionately sci-fi over horror titles.

Role-Playing Games

I've sold off all my physical copies of these as well, but I picked up torrents PDF versions of old editions of most of the games I used to own or flipped through in book stores growing up.

Dungeons & Dragons - The various editions/voumes of the "Monster Manuals" have been a great source of inspiration over the years.  Lots of creatures from mythology all the way through H.P. Lovecraft-influenced designs.

Gamma World - My favorite RPG because of its mechanics and the ability to meld diverse genres.  Set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, it featured robots, aliens, and mutants, mutants, mutants galore!

Star Frontiers - Another sci-fi game.  Not really monster-laden, but there were some adventures reminiscent of (read: influenced by) the movie Alien (1979).

Call of Cthulhu - Lots of Lovecraft material broken down and expanded upon.

Various others - Marvel Super Heroes, Robotech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.


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