Halloween Party Invite/FAQ

Here's a sample of the Halloween party invite I always send out (There's a photoshopped version as well that I'm not posting, just the text).  And then there's also some responses to questions I almost always receive leading up to the party. 

The Invite

What: [Title of] Halloween Party!

Where: D'n'A Headquarters.  [Address withheld.]

When: 8pm-til whenever on Saturday, October [something]th (two weeks before Halloween!)

Price of Admission: The Three "C"s!
*Candy.  As always, donations of candy will go toward feeding the masses of kids that descend upon our home on the 31st.  Please bring a bag or two. 
(Note: Neighbors are exempt since you're giving some out to the same kids.)
*Costume.  It's a Halloween party.  Yes, of course you have to wear one.
*Camera.  If you have one.

BYOB: Beer will be provided.  You want something stronger or you're particular, then bring it.  Food is always welcome as well if you can cook or want to pick up something on the way over, but we'll have something edible regardless (read: Brainszz!). 

If you get lost, don't talk to strangers.  Instead, call [my number].  Please RSVP by next weekend so we'll have enough food/drinks for everyone!

-D'n'A (and Stan).

p.s. Printable invite attached for your refrigerator or scrapbook.

Trademark Alexplorer Disclaimer: Be aware that this Halloween party will not be toned down for children, fundamentalists of any denomination, and/or any other impressionable and easily-frightened group.  There will be alcohol.  Risque costumes are welcome. 

Special Trick/Treat: Alex's Halloween Party FAQ (2012 version)

Reminder: This party is Saturday.  Please RSVP if you haven't already.  I still need to buy the beer and need numbers.  Yes, you can bring your kids.  (See the FAQ below.)

Special Trick/Treat: Alex's Halloween Party FAQ

Q: Why didn't you invite me last year?
A: Because I don't like you.  Also, we didn't have a party last year.  Now you're wondering about the first reason.

Q: Housewarming party?  Haven't you been living there for at least a year?  (Note: This was in reference to the housewarming Halloween party.)
A: Not quite, but we actually renovated/decorated/exorcised the place (mostly).  The carpet is new (No more bloodstains!).
Q: Can my kids come?
A: Well, Stan will be there, so I guess we'd be hypocrites to say no.  However, you are responsible for dealing with your kids' nightmares and possibly therapy later.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Certainly!  As many as you like.  But please give us a head count and make sure not to bring anyone whose head I'll want to remove.

Q: I can't make it, but will you send me pictures?
A: No.  Whoever heard of bootlegging a party?

Q: I might be late.
A: So?  The party always runs late.  Show up late.  We don't care unless your excuse involves football.  In that case, don't talk to me.  Halloween trumps football.

Q: Do you need help decorating?
A: Probably.  When are you free?

Q: Do I really have to dress up?
Who doesn’t dress up for a Halloween party?  We’re dressing up.  We’re dressing up the house.  Everyone else is dressing up.  You don't have to be awesome; just make the effort.  (See also longer version of this response here.)   If you want to risk it, prepare to be egged.

Q: I don't know what to wear!  Do you have any ideas for costumes?
A: Yes, plenty!  Call or email me.  I might even have props on-hand or know which aisle of the hardware store you need to visit.  Additionally, t
here are several articles on my site devoted to picking out a costume (along with several lists of ideas):

Costume ideas:


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